Partner Channel – News Briefs

Posted: 12/2001 Partner Channel News Briefs * Z-Tel Technologies Inc. has launched its first commercial local phone service, “Z-LineBUSINESS,” which combines local and long-distance service with Z-Tel’s proprietary”Z-Line” features, including “find me, follow me” call forwarding, message notification and an online address book that can be synchronized with most office e-mail programs. A business can […]

E-Channel – News Briefs

Posted: 12/2001 E-Channel News Briefs *, a portal that allows consumers and small businesses to compare and select an Internet service provider, has added RCN Cable and Time Warner-Indianapolis to its list of ISP partners. A division of Indiana-based Telamon Corp.(, ibuybroadband recently signed ISP agreements with Comcast-Indianapolis, DirecTV DSL, Earthlink and Qwest Communications International […]

E Channel – Calculates ‘Hidden’ Telecom Fees on Web

Posted: 09/2001 E Channel Calculates ‘Hidden’ Telecom Fees on Web By Josh Long K Communications Inc., a telecommunications consulting firm targeting small businesses and residential consumers, has introduced, a website where fees, taxes and surcharges are calculated to compare long-distance phone bills–not simply rates. “This new technology allows customers to find the very […]

Trading Desk – Plunging Prices Impact Trading Market Forecast

Posted: 09/2001 Trading Desk Plunging Prices Impact Trading Market Forecast By Josh Long The proliferation of brokers, traders and online exchanges in the telecommunications market has accelerated the number of bandwidth transactions, but the spate of bankruptcy filings and declining price of circuits during the last year has cast uncertainty over the future value of […]

Business News – TMNG Boosts Services in Weathersby Merger

Posted: 11/2000 TMNG Boosts Services in Weathersby Merger By Josh Long The Management Network Group Inc. (, a telecom and e-business management consultant firm, has announced it has acquired The Weathersby Group (, which will enhance its standing in the provision of customer relationship management (CRM) services. Financial terms of the acquistion were not disclosed. […]

Carrier Channel: Early Bird Gets E-Worm

Posted: 06/2000 Early Bird Gets E-Worm By Casey Freymuth The telecommunications sector is a permanent member of the Internet community. Hence, Internet services offerings are logical business extensions for telecommunications players, as is evinced in the Internet access and hosting initiatives of players..As the world’s businesses adapt and evolve with Internet and electronic commerce applications, […]

Business News – Cisco Takes Over Key Chip Maker

Posted: 04/2000 Cisco Takes Over Key Chip Maker BY CHARLOTTE WOLTERStrengthening its service provider infrastructure expertise, Cisco Systems Inc. ( has acquired integrated circuit (IC) design firm Growth Networks Inc., a leader in a new category of telecommunications silicon, Internet switch fabrics.The deal is worth about $335 million in Cisco common stock, which will be […]

The Questions

Posted: 03/1998 By Larry Leikin The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), in an attempt to solve the problem of slamming, has ordered that every interexchange carrier (IXC), competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) and incumbent LEC (ILEC) respond to a 21-question survey of verification procedures and primary interexchange carrier (PIC) dispute experience. All carriers certified in […]

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