Qwest Introduces Qwest Local Services Platform for Wholesale Customers

Qwest Communications International Inc. on Monday announced a wholesale offering called Qwest Local Services Platform, which gives wholesale customers a choice for market-based pricing on local exchange services. The plan offers a finished service combination of local switching services, local switching features (e.g., call waiting) and shared transport of local traffic at a competitive commercial […]

FCC Not Finished with VoIP 911 Rules

Taking your landline phone on the road is one of the cool features of Internet-based phone service, but it also is creating a headache for regulators who want to ensure emergency operators know where a distressed caller is located. The FCC plans to do something about it. In an order released Friday requiring Internet phone […]

InfoHighway Reports Rise in Annual Sales

InfoHighway Communications Corp. last month said its annual sales grew more than 70 percent with nearly 50 percent growth in the fourth quarter over the previous period a year ago. As a privately held company, New York-based InfoHighway does not publicly release its financial statements. "In addition to significantly growing our sales channels, we finished […]

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