Business News – AOL, Time Warner Union To Affect Telecom, Cable Industries

Posted: 03/2000 Telco Rock Launches Telecom Portal, Auction Site Telco Rock ( has launched a website that provides the telecom industry with a way to buy and sell equipment, find jobs and people, and get the latest industry news. Telco Rock, a spinoff of Alden Asset Management, Birmingham, Ala., features online auctions and sales for […]

Network-Hosted IP Services Find Legs

Posted: 12/1999 Network-Hosted IP Services Find Legs By Peter Lambert Source: Zyan Communications, Los Angeles DSL (digital subscriber line) carrier, Zyan Communications, Los Angeles, is using the Cisco 6400 access device to offer its own custom version of Cisco’s Service Selection Gateway to teleworkers. Through the gateway, teleworkers can sign-on to multiple Internet protocol (IP) […]

Telcos Find Home in ASP World

Posted: 11/1999 Telcos Find Home in ASP World By Michael Mitsock In a nutshell, ASP is a rental or pay-per-use model for software applications aimed at consumers and, more importantly, at the burgeoning and barely tapped market of small to medium-sized businesses. What began as a fairly low murmur last May when the ASP Industry […]

3G Wireless Holds Opportunities, Threats for WirelineOperators

Posted: 07/1999 3G Wireless Holds Opportunities, Threats for Wireline Operators By Keith Shank Third-generation wireless technology (3G) is on its way, and wireline operators need to be ready. If you’ve been thinking of 3G as simply high-speed wireless data, you’re going to be unprepared for the coming communications evolution. That’s because 3G is about more […]

Appeals of Indirection

Posted: 11/1998 Appeals of Indirection Edward L. Bernays died in 1995 at age 103. His advanced years are notable by themselves, but mostly because they mean he lived to see his legacy played out again and again by unwitting disciples. They call him the "Father of Spin." In a best-selling book of the same name, […]

In Search of Supersalesman

Posted: 11/1998 In Search of Supersalesman By Jonathan B. Haller Let’s admit it, folks–no matter how unique the technology, how delightful the marketing, how supreme the financial backing or how efficient the operations, the lifeblood of a company’s ultimate success or failure in the marketplace is its sales force. At the end of the day, […]

It’s All in the Cards

Posted: 10/1997 It’s All in the Cards by Charlene O’Hanlon The prepaid calling card business is characterized by agents as a risky game, yielding high commissions or considerable losses depending on one’s tenacity and luck. Agents have been hustled by hit-and-run artists who print cards with bogus numbers. They’ve been hustled by carriers whose platforms […]

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