Diversity Pays Off

Post-WorldCom and Global Crossing bankruptcies, agents have been forced to evaluate how much carrier diversity to offer in their portfolios. This month, T@G converses with three master agents about the advantages and disadvantages of carrier diversity. The main response? The only drawback to offering a variety of carriers is increasing the chance that salespeople and […]

Balancing Act

Contact centers today are all about empowering agents, investing in their skill development and reducing escalating attrition. Yet, most companies still overly rely upon “the old ways” involving hard technical metrics that emphasize speed and quantity to track and manage agent performance. It has become all too easy to judge those agents who have the […]

Distributors Find a Home with Easton Telecom

Easton Telecom Services LLC (Booth 425) is expanding its product mix to allow distributors greater flexibility when selling accounts with multiple locations and diverse product needs. This quarter, Easton will partner with a second DSL provider and additional local service providers. By diversifying the product line, Easton will be able to offer more competitive rates […]

Channel Partners News – Dont Miss TAG Certification

Dont Miss TAG Certification To be held Monday, March 22, from 9 a.m.-noon, and free with full package registration! These concurrent seminars will give you the knowledge you need to run a savvy channel partner business. Find out how to position services or get the scoop on evaluating vendor choices. Both of these business strategies […]

Tried & True

Posted: 11/2003 Tried & True Frame Relay Still in Demand By Tara Seals Though not as flashy as metro Ethernet and IP VPNs, frame relay is holding its own in the wide area networking arena. Resellers will find spots of interest from a variety of end user demographic ranges, and carriers are rolling out new […]


Posted: 4/2003 Overheard… "It can best be described as our day of the hanging chad. We got three votes, and we don’t want to go back and count them again." –David W. Dorman, chairman and CEO, AT&T Corp., during his keynote address at the Comptel Annual Conference & Exposition, referring to the FCC’s Triennial Review […]

eCHANNEL: How to Create the Ultimate User Experience

Posted: 12/2002 Optimizing Online Sales Strategies Part 3 How to Create the Ultimate User Experience By Dr. Bonny Brown and Dr. Anthony Bastardi TELECOM COMPANIES FACE A CLASSIC issue in deciding whether to concentrate on capturing market share or catering to the most profitable segments. A well-designed Web site is an inexpensive way to pursue […]

Unintended Consequences

Posted: 11/2002 Unintended Consequences ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR … but what about business? The recent spate of Chapter 11 protection filings in the sector has spurred an unexpected debate over U.S. bankruptcy policies. It begins like this: If companies such as WorldCom are allowed to emerge from bankruptcy and are cleansed of all […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Dealers Find a New Home for Converged Services

Posted: 07/2002 Dealers Find a New Home for Converged Services By Bill Ablondi RESIDENTIAL HOME SALES ARE UP and so is unemployment. The economy is described alternatively as stumbling and recovering. Consumers were expected to sit on the sidelines after their first quarter burst of spending, but it’s not happening. The "force" in this economy […]

Echannel: Yahoo! Adds Long Distance, Wireless Offers to Personal Finance Portal

Posted: 2/2002 E-Channel Yahoo! Adds Long Distance, Wireless Offers to Personal Finance Portal By Khali Henderson Yahoo! now offers long distance and wireless services through deals with and Simplexity Inc., respectively.Consumers can access the services through the Savings Finder tool in Yahoo! Finance Money Manager, a free suite of personal finance tools and services […]

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