Internet Telephony – Venezuela May Promote Web Through Prepaid Internet

Posted: 06/2000 Venezuela May Promote Web Through Prepaid Internet Venezuela may introduce prepaid cards to allow Internet technology access for low-income families and to bring its population into the cyber age.According to the Defining Presence Marketing Group (, the typical Internet user has an average family income of $60,000. Out of 150 million Internet users, […]

Debt vs. Equity: Capital-Raising Primer

Posted: 04/1999 Debt vs. Equity: Capital-Raising Primer By Bryan Mitchell and Salman Tajuddin As any telecom insider would tell you, telecommunications is a capital-intensive business. The ability to execute on a business plan is predicated not only on raising the appropriate amount of capital, but also on raising the appropriate type of capital from the […]

There’s Still Money in the Bank

Posted: 11/1998 There’s Still Money in the Bank By John T. Mulqueen Telecommunications costs a fortune. Incumbent carriers spend tens of billions of dollars annually expanding and maintaining their networks. Newcomers have the same burden when they try to ramp up their networks to crack open existing markets. And, Wall Street has been more than […]

Where the Cash Flows

Posted: 10/1998 Where the Cash Flows Who’s Funding New Investment in Long Haul? By Gary Kim For the past two years, the big story in U.S. carrier investment has been mergers and acquisitions, especially among the larger facilities-based carriers. Since early 1997, at least $278 billion has been spent on these telecom industry mega-mergers. On […]

Digging Around in the Corporate Finance Toolbox

Posted: 01/1998 By Michael H. Wirpel Your ability to find a way to obtain an investment in your company is greater if you know how to design a deal flexibly. You can be more flexible by recognizing the different stages a company goes through and using each stage’s risk factors to tailor a deal. "Digging […]

SprintExpands Local Services

Posted: 09/1997 Business News FRONTLINE INFORMATION Click on heading to read news text… Sprint Expands Local Services Phoenix Network-US ONE Merger Called Off Summa Four, Dialogic Develop Switching Platform Tempus Incorporates IVR Software Centigram Licenses TruVoice Qwest Signs Facility Agreement SNET Picks Lucent Genesis, RFC Reach Financing Agreement Ernst & Young Select Sprint, Global One […]

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