Managing Carrier-to-Carrier Costs

Posted: 07/1999 Managing Carrier-to-Carrier Costs By Faye F. Henris Carrier-to-carrier charges, commonly referred to as telco charges, include access, reciprocal compensation, collocation, unbundled network elements (UNEs) and other interconnection fees. This constitutes the largest operating expense faced by telecommunications providers. In fact, a typical telecommunications provider will spend 45 percent to 55 percent of its […]

Debt vs. Equity: Capital-Raising Primer

Posted: 04/1999 Debt vs. Equity: Capital-Raising Primer By Bryan Mitchell and Salman Tajuddin As any telecom insider would tell you, telecommunications is a capital-intensive business. The ability to execute on a business plan is predicated not only on raising the appropriate amount of capital, but also on raising the appropriate type of capital from the […]

Digging Around in the Corporate Finance Toolbox

Posted: 01/1998 By Michael H. Wirpel Your ability to find a way to obtain an investment in your company is greater if you know how to design a deal flexibly. You can be more flexible by recognizing the different stages a company goes through and using each stage’s risk factors to tailor a deal. "Digging […]

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