Is Clearwire ‘Going Under’?

A financial analyst is asking that question after learning that telecom mogul Craig McCaw is leaving the business, coupled with the fact that Sprint has decided not to purchase its WiMAX partner’s debt.

The No-Money-Down Marketing Plan

The economy is nothing short of lousy. Business is really tough. Customers are canceling events. A local party and event rental company asked its team what they could do to create an adequate amount of revenue to survive the recession. The group had the benefit of being together for a number of years. They had […]

Switch and Data Talks Trading

Switch and Data(SDXC), a provider of network-neutral data center and Internet exchange services, announced the launch of its Financial Services Practice, developed to address the volume and low-latency requirements of electronic trading markets. It will provide comprehensive data center solutions for pre/post trade service providers, the buy side, and sell side communities in the equity, […]

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