T-Mobile is Finally 3G-Bound

T-Mobile USA Inc. is packing its bags for advanced wireless services. It today revealed its plans for building out a UMTS/HSDPA broadband network, scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter, go live in 2007 and be completed by 2009, all for the relatively modest price tag of $2.66 billion. T-Mobile was the high bidder in […]

GreatCall Appoints New President

GreatCall Inc., an MVNO targeted at baby boomers and their parents, has appointed David Inns as company president and COO. Inns will be responsible for launching and managing the growth of GreatCall’s service, which hinges on the Jitterbug phone, designed for those wanting a simplified interface. Inns’ 20 years of experience in the telecom industry […]

FCC Delays Vote on Megamergers until Monday

Unable to clinch full consensus for two looming megamergers, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin on Friday kept having to delay the scheduled monthly meeting as he negotiated with commissioners regarding the combinations of SBC Communications Inc. and AT&T Corp., and Verizon Communications Inc. and MCI Inc. The FCC finally postponed the meeting until Monday, saying only […]

Finally, Level 3 Launches IP Voice Service; WholesaleOffer Comes First

Posted: 02/2000 Finally, Level 3 Launches IP Voice Service; Wholesale Offer Comes First BY KHALI HENDERSON Level 3 Communications Inc.’s ( long-awaited announcement that it will offer commercial availability of its (3)Voice service delivered over the carrier’s end-to-end Internet protocol (IP) network came at the end of 1999. Promised as a fall launch, Level 3’s […]

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