Qwest Backs Out of Fight for MCI

After months of back-and-forth offers to try and buy MCI Inc., Qwest Communications International Inc. has pulled out of the fight for the ailing carrier, which stands to be acquired by Verizon Communications Inc. Qwest Chairman and CEO Richard Notebaert at a shareholders meeting yesterday told attendees, [W]e arent looking at MCI. Thats over. Notebaert […]

Round Table

… ON THE FIGHT BETWEEN QWEST COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL INC. AND VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC. TO ACQUIRE MCI INC. “Qwest must capture MCI – otherwise its future is very bleak.The company will have very few places to turn if it loses MCI to Verizon.” - Probe Financial Associates Inc. COO Allan Tumolillo “Verizon aims to compete head-to-head with […]

Qwest Hires Firm in Fight for MCI

Qwest Communications International Inc. is not giving up in the fight with Verizon Communications Inc. to acquire MCI. Qwest has hired the Altman Group, a proxy solicitation firm, in a sign the regional phone company could ask MCIs shareholders to vote on Qwests offer as an alternative to the deal MCI has reached with Verizon, […]

Powell’s Prize Fight

It looks like cable companies may be on the defense for the first time in their battles with the Bells over consumer spending. Cable companies have long enjoyed dominance in the higher-margin entertainment business and handily outmaneuvered the telcos in delivering high-speed Internet, which seems to me to be more aligned with traditional telco territory. […]

Farewell to Frisby

CompTel/ASCENT CEO H. Russell Frisby Jr. announced in late November he will step down from the post he has held with the group for nearly seven years. “It’s time to look in new directions,” he says. “I am interested in getting back to the law, which is my initial background.” Frisby’s resume includes private practice […]

Fight Moves to UNE-L

By The FCC rules have expired and CLECs worry the cost of providing businesses phone and data services may rise significantly, CompTel/ASCENT, the Washington D.C. trade group, warns in a study it released. CompTel/ASCENT released a study in late June claiming the demise of the federal rules could cost small and medium-sized businesses about $4.9 […]

Commissioner, Alliance Leaders Call Members to Action

From Commissioner Kevin Martin to CompTel/Alliance CEO H. Russell Frisby Jr. and outgoing co-chairmen Ron Harden and Richard Burk, the message was clear that competitors need to move to the front lines in the battle for competition. In accepting the "Champions of Competition" award from the CompTel/ASCENT Alliance on Sunday, Commissioner Martin admonished the industry […]

Commissioner Martin: The Fight is Up to You

In accepting the Champions of Competition award from the CompTel/ASCENT Alliance on Sunday, FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin admonished the industry to take up the fight. Its time to speak now or forever hold your peace, he said to an invitation-only audience gathered at the Anaheim Hilton on the first day of the associations spring conference […]

Soap Box: Calling All Agents: This is Your Fight, Too

Posted: 6/2003 Calling All Agents: This is Your Fight, Too By Lance Honea The purpose of this editorial is to share with you SBC Communications Inc.’s latest attempts to eliminate UNE-P, why you as an agent should care and what you can do about it. Less than a month after the CLECs’ victory on UNE-P […]

Lobbyists Rally Competitive Industry for Long Fight Ahead

Posted: 11/2001 Lobbyists Rally Competitive Industry for Long Fight Ahead By Tara Seals and Kim Sunderland Photos by Stewart Ash It would be a political disaster for the current administration to allow the competitive telecom industry to fail, according to the top lobbyists representing the sector’s major trade groups.“They can’t afford to let our industry […]

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