NetLogic Expands Fiber Extension, Dynamic Choice Availability

NetLogic Inc. (Booth 302) announces it has made its Fiber Extension product available on a nationwide basis and has expanded the Dynamic Choice IP trunking product line to 32 markets. If a customers location is within 1-2 miles of an existing building with low-cost fiber, NetLogic can usually establish an aerial connection between a customers […]

TNCI Agents Behind the Wheel of Mercedes-Benz

TNCI President Brian Twomey on Monday awarded 11 2005 Mercedes-Benz models to TNCI agents for a sales promotion that ended earlier this month, marking the most successful promotion in the 13-year history of the company. Team TNCI is thrilled to put all of our winning agent partners behind the wheel of a 2005 Mercedes-Benz and […]

Voicecom Adds Voice Mail Alert Feature to Service

Voicecom, (Booth 316) a provider of call answering solutions for the business-to-business market, announces the addition of the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) feature to complement its residential and business voice mail offerings in seven LATAs. This feature allows users to be alerted to messages in their voice mailboxes by hearing a stuttered or broken dial […]

Game Over for UNE-P?

To say that CLECs have had a difficult time would be an understatement by anyone’s standards. Following meteoric rises in valuation on the heels of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, stock market declines and restricted market penetration led to a shakeout that ultimately left standing fewer than 80 of the 330 CLECs that were operating […]

Cinergy Taps Motorola

Cinergy, the Cincinnati-based gas and electric utility, has signed a contract with Motorola to upgrade and integrate its communications system. Cinergy will install a private voice and data IP network called Harmony Wireless Communications System throughout its 25,000-square-mile service territory. The network will integrate voice and data communications across Cinergys territory to provide mobile workers […]

Expert Eye For The Channel Guy

Market Race’sMichael Fair PAETEC’sArunas Chesonis PAETEC’sGary Eisenberger Deloitte Consulting’sElizabeth Faber AlignedGrowth Partners’Hedley Lawson Jr. At the Spring 2004 Channel Partners Conference and Expo, PAETEC Communications Inc. CEO Arunas Chesonis led a well-attended Tuesday morning general session titled, “Expert Eye for the Channel Guy,” inspired by the cable TV show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” […]

Consolidation Key for Telecom’s Future

Posted: 4/2003 Consolidation Key for Telecom’s Future By Dick Jalkut The 1996 Telecommunications Act opened the floodgates for many things — competition and choice for customers, better pricing and service, and entrepreneurs trying to make a quick buck. Now, seven years after that landmark event, we know that indeed many bucks were made by a […]

Agency Channel: ASP Menu Offers More Choice

Posted: 11/2000 ASP Menu Offers More Choice By Tara Seals As the line between ASP and telecom provider blurs, agents find themselves with a hybrid: Telecom services to sell in a managed environment. For example, e-mail is perhaps the most logical product in the telecom arena for managed service. Transpoint Communications Inc. ( stepped up […]

Business News – Carriers, Corvis Achieve Optical Networking Milestones

Posted: 09/2000 Carriers, Corvis Achieve Optical Networking Milestones With news reports appearing that say particle physicists claim they have broken the speed of light by accelerating light pulses 300 times their normal velocity, the applications of such a breakthrough are not even being deployed in the lab.Still, other optical milestones currently are taking place in […]

Are You Overlooking Multinational Customers Because of HeavyCompetition?

Posted: 06/1998 Are You Overlooking Multinational Customers Because of Heavy Competition? If so, you may want to look again at these potentially lucrative customers. By Casey Freymuth Dead-set on repeating history, the majority of new entrants in industrialized countries are targeting long distance telecommunications users that spend anywhere from U.S. $30 per month (for residential […]

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