Business News – Siemens Demonstrates 3.2-Terabit Transmission

Posted: 10/1999 Siemens Demonstrates 3.2-Terabit Transmission Using a combination of dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) and its own data multiplexing technology, The Siemens Information and Communication Networks Group, Boca Raton, Fla., has demonstrated transmission of 3.2 terabits per second (tbps) over fiber. The lab demonstration, which Siemens calls a "world record," used 80 DWDM channels each […]

Business News – CBI To Buy IXC; Carrier Turns from Wholesale Roots

Posted: 09/1999 CBI To Buy IXC; Carrier Turns from Wholesale Roots By Ken Branson John Zrno, president and CEO of IXC Communications Inc., Austin, Texas, already has begun turning the carrier away from its wholesale business, a process he expects will accelerate when IXC’s $3.2 billion acquisition by Cincinnati Bell Inc. (CBI), Cincinnati, goes through […]

Business News – Lucent Unveils Optics Minus Fiber

Posted: 09/1999 Lucent Unveils Optics Minus Fiber By Peter Lambert Telecommunications carriers soon may be able to take the fiber out of local fiber optic economics, thanks to WaveStar OpticAir, an over-the-air optical laser technology introduced by Lucent Technologies Inc. on July 14. By next March, Murray Hill, N.J.-based Lucent promises to deliver an initial […]

Rights-of-Way Rifts Sidetrack Long DistanceCarriers

Posted: 09/1999 Rights-of-Way Rifts Sidetrack Long Distance Carriers By Kim Sunderland Abandoned railroad right-of-way property has put the nation’s largest long distance carriers on a fast track to the courthouse steps in an issue that’s gaining speed and notoriety throughout the country. In a nutshell, several interexchange carriers (IXCs) are up the creek for laying […]

Business News – CapRock, Hyperion Sign IRU, Broadband Initiative Launched

Posted: 08/1999 CapRock, Hyperion Sign IRU, Broadband Initiative Launched CapRock Communications Corp., Dallas, has signed an indefeasible right of use (IRU) agreement with Hyperion Communications, a Coudersport, Pa.-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC). The IRU grants Hyperion a long-term license to about 1,650 route miles of long-haul fiber that will pass through more than seven […]

Wag the Dog: Bandwidth and the Next "KillerApp"

Posted: 05/1999 Wag the Dog: Bandwidth and the Next "Killer App" By David Finkelstein David Finkelstein The Holy Grail in the communications industry is the constant search for the next killer application. Companies spending small fortunes building out their long-haul backbone networks seem to be searching desperately for the killer app that will justify the […]

Carrier Channel: Crossing the Pond

Posted: 06/1999 Crossing the Pond Global Carriers Build, Buy or Lease Undersea Cable By Ken Branson The bottom of the North Atlantic has been accumulating submarine cable since 1858, when the first one was laid between North America and Europe–a telegraph cable. Since then, coaxial and then fiber optic cable has snaked under the water. […]

Plugging into Power Company Networks

Posted: 06/1999 Plugging into Power Company Networks By Khali Henderson In the deal-a-minute world of wholesale long distance services, there are a handful of companies that stand out as primary suppliers. In the same breath as AT&T Corp., Sprint Corp. and MCI WorldCom Inc., one would list Williams Network, Tulsa, Okla. Because of its long […]

Utility Company and Telecom Subsidiaries

Utility Company and Telecom Subsidiaries Utility Company Name and HQ Telecom Subsidiary Name and HQ Date Telecom Subsidiary Founded Type of Customers Types of Services Offered Now Geographic Service Territory (for Telecom) BEC Energy Boston Beco Communications Boston N/A 1995 Wholesale network provider to RCN Corp., a competieve local exchange carrier (CLEC) with an […]

Fiber Buildout Boom Continues

Posted: 09/1998 Fiber Buildout Boom Continues By Peter Meade Think "real estate" is the tip for the slew of long distance carriers that have made recent announcements about buildouts of their fiber optic networks. Image: Frontier "Optronics" Network Completion Schedule The market for building fiber networks has a lot of parallels with the real estate […]

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