Teleglobe and Williams in $200 Million, 14,000-MileDeal

Posted: 03/2000 Teleglobe and Williams in $200 Million, 14,000-Mile Deal Teleglobe Inc. ( will buy 14,000 route miles of dark fiber across the United States from Williams Commun-ications Inc. (, the Montreal-based carrier has announced. The agreement includes, among other things, collocation space, interim capacity (the use of Williams’ lit fiber) until the dark fiber […]

News Briefs

Posted: 02/2000 News Briefs * Level 3 Communications Inc. ( has announced the commercial availability of its (3) Voice service, a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) long distance service, for wholesale. (3) Voice is delivered over Level 3’s end-to-end IP network and softswitch-based architecture. Pricing for the service will vary based on the call termination […]

AT&T to Build Metro Network with Help from SomeFriends

Posted: 02/2000 AT&T to Build Metro Network with Help from Some Friends By Liz Montalbano AT&T Corp. ( has contracted with three carriers to build a fiber optic network linking 30 major U.S. metropolitan areas. Working with CapRock Communications Corp. (, PF.Net and Touch America, Inc. (, AT&T will overlay the new conduit and fiber […]


IN-BOX   Harvesting the Farm I had this model of the next next-generation network. I called it the network to end all the other networks. I’ve been following dense wave division multiplexing [DWDM] startups, and the cost of optical fiber connectors. You have storage area networks (SAN), say server farms, with huge amounts of content […]

Qwest To Roll Out All-Optical IP Network

Posted: 01/2000 Qwest To Roll Out All-Optical IP Network Qwest Communications International Inc. ( has announced plans to roll out an all-optical Internet protocol (IP) network that will provide customers with new Internet and managed bandwidth services while reducing operation costs by as much as 70 percent over traditional network technologies. The optical carrier (OC)-192-speed […]

Adelphia To Use CapRock Network in Texas

Posted: 12/1999 Adelphia To Use CapRock Network in Texas Dallas-based CapRock Communications Corp. and Adelphia Business Solutions, formerly Hyperion Communications Inc., Coudersport, Pa., have announced a 30-year, $7.2 million indefeasible right of use (IRU) agreement that grants Adelphia access to several Texas markets using 1,208 route miles of CapRock’s synchronous optical network (SONET)-based fiber optic […]

The New Wave in Leasing Fiber

Posted: 12/1999 The New Wave in Leasing Fiber By Khali Henderson and Charlotte Wolter In "telecom-speak" lambdas are not fraternity members, but their availability on a wholesale basis is expected to be offered by a growing club of carrier’s carriers. Lambdas are basically discrete wavelengths of light that traverse a fiber optic network and, for […]

Business News – WinStar Expands Fiber Capacity Through MetroMedia Agreement

Posted: 12/1999 WinStar Expands Fiber Capacity Through MetroMedia Agreement New York-based WinStar Communications Inc. has entered into an agreement with MetroMedia Fiber Network, White Plains, N.Y., to obtain dark fiber capacity in 38 major markets in the United States and three major international markets. The broadband communications provider will pay about $300 million over 20 […]

New Wholesale DSL Provider Rolls Out Services

Posted: 12/1999 New Wholesale DSL Provider Rolls Out Services A new facilities-based wholesale provider of broadband communications services, including digital subscriber line (DSL), has rolled out services in markets in Texas. Pontio Communications Co. Inc., Austin, Texas, has access to more than 1,500 dedicated fiber route miles and more than 150 collocation facilities in central […]

The "New" Regional Long DistanceCompanies

Posted: 11/1999 The "New" Regional Long Distance Companies By Ken Branson In baseball, coaches call it staying within yourself–the art of hitting the ball hard and consistently, but not necessarily far. It is advice several competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) seem to have taken to heart. They have concluded–and their routes to this conclusion vary–that […]

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