Motorola to Cut an Additional 4,000 Jobs.

Motorola Inc. said Wednesday it is cutting an additional 4,000 jobs. The move is in an effort to cut costs and return to profitability, and Motorola said in a statement it would save $600 million next year as a result. The company also said it would tighten general and administrative expenses. The mobile phone maker […]

Safety Not Always in Numbers

By Michael Fair, MarketRace Part 3 of my continuing series on the top 10 mistakes that channel programs make: Never evaluate a programs success based on how many channel partners you have signed up into the program. This is a very common mistake. I constantly see new programs emerge and the measure of success, and […]

Marconi Introduces Radio, Announces Partnership

Marconi Corp. plc at TELECOM 05 launched the AXR Access Radio for North America, a multiservice point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint fixed wireless radio for Ethernet, cellular and broadband backhaul. The company also announced a new partnership with Allot Communications, a provider of high-performance traffic management solutions. Marconi is showcasing its service router, an edge router designed […]

Qwest Says Deal for MCI Would Face Fewer Regulatory Hurdles

In a revised $8 billion bid to acquire MCI Inc., Qwest Communications International Inc. on Thursday said a deal would be subject to less scrutiny from regulators than if Verizon Communications Inc. acquires the long-distance phone giant formerly known as WorldCom. Qwest is confident that the significantly smaller footprint overlap in a Qwest/MCI combination will […]

Is Antislamming Enforcement Shifting to States?

Posted: 07/2002 Is Antislamming Enforcement Shifting to States? IF YOU BELIEVE RECENT REPORTS, YOU might be tempted to think it’s safe to slam. The level of fines the FCC issues for slamming has taken a big drop. On the other hand, recent FCC fine levels are the natural outcome of a process it has been […]

Not Necessarily News

Posted: 04/2000 Overheard … … at January’s Pacific Telecommunica-tions Council (PTC) in Honolulu, Hawaii. “I’ve seen certain phrases find their way into papers, like ‘the permanent nature of demand.’ As an economist, that drives me crazy. Is there an ability to overbuild? Oh, yes, indeed! It is not a God-given right that demand for bandwidth […]

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