EMBARQing on the Channel

EMBARQing on the Channel Theres always something new on the horizon, and for EMBARQ Corp., that thing is its channel program. Its channel strategy is a work in progress, launched when EMBARQ was spun off a year ago this June from Sprint Nextel. And rather than take a template from competitors, the company is taking […]

Growing A Channel Program

By Michael Fair, MarketRace I have been getting much feedback from service providers lately regarding my recent article in PHONE+ magazine (“Are You Your Worst Enemy? 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid“). The feedback was especially focused at the first item Setting Unrealistic Time-To-Success Expectations. I was approached several times by channel executives from various carriers […]

Telarus Launches

Telarus Inc. today announced the latest addition to its portfolio of Web properties whose core focus is promoting the ShopforT1 VAR Program: Found online at, the programs focus is the recruitment of new VARs to participate in VARSearch. comes with all of the affiliate tracking capabilities of the Telarus Web properties. We […]

Putting a Face on Telecom

AS I MENTIONED IN LAST MONTHS letter, PHONE+ has a new look for 2006. I think you will agree our artist,Veronica Romero, has helped us design a publication that is contemporary and action-packed. While many of the changes are small a font or a header here and there others are big. Take the cover, for […]

Distributors Find a Home with Easton Telecom

Easton Telecom Services LLC (Booth 425) is expanding its product mix to allow distributors greater flexibility when selling accounts with multiple locations and diverse product needs. This quarter, Easton will partner with a second DSL provider and additional local service providers. By diversifying the product line, Easton will be able to offer more competitive rates […]

Partner Channel – New Channel Veep’s ‘Qwest’ is a Converged Partner

Posted: 09/2001 Partner Channel New Channel Veep’s ‘Qwest’ is a Converged Partner By Tara Seals Qwest Communications International Inc. has tapped a new vice president to head up the Qwest business partner program (QBPP). The new guy, Michael McDonnell, has some pretty big shoes to fill in predecessor Nik Nesbitt, who has been widely credited […]

10 Tips for Improved Customer Service

Posted: 10/1998 10 Tips for Improved Customer Service Test-drive your competition. How do you stack up? By Peggy Moretti Recent findings indicate that telecommunications service providers can ill-afford to be complacent when it comes to providing customer care. According to J.D. Power and Associates’ 1998 Residential Local Telephone Service Satisfaction Study, most of the independent […]

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