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FCC Gets New Chair: Genachowski Confirmed by Senate

After the vote was held up for more than a week, Julius Genachowski was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the next chairman of the FCC. Once sworn in, Genachowski is expected to preside over the July 2 meeting. Acting Chairman Michael Copps will to commissioner status. The re-nomination of Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell also […]

Genachowski Handily Passes Confirmation Hearing

The Senate confirmation hearing of Julius Genachowski as FCC chairman on Tuesday was about as contentious as two Buddhist monks talking at a peace rally. Genachowski handily won confirmation by the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, while reaping the benefit of compliments like “if you aren’t qualified, then I don’t know who is” (Sen. Mike […]

Obama: No One Better to Head FCC Than Genachowski

Making good on weeks of rumors, President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated a former Harvard Law classmate as the new FCC chairman. Julius Genachowski still faces Senate confirmation; those proceedings could be put off for a while, however, depending on when Congress has time outside of debates surrounding the economy, the Iraq War, and health […]

Merger Manias Collateral Damage

      Ben Stiegler, CEO and founder, Synertel Of the many departing Washington from the Bush administration, one we will particularly not miss is Kevin Martin, ex-chairman of the FCC. Much has been written about net neutrality, the 700Mhz spectrum, intercarrier compensation and the digital TV conversion. But the untold story is about the […]

Unofficial Reports Say Genachowski to Head FCC

The industry congratulations came pouring in Tuesday morning on word that President-elect Barack Obama will nominate Julius Genachowski to head the FCC. The only trouble is, that word comes from media reports, not the Obama transition team, which won’t confirm or deny the speculation. But Washington circles often work this way – leaking accurate information […]

Obama Already Tackling FCC Appointment

It’s not quite a week past the milestone 2008 presidential election and already President-Elect Barack Obama is looking at who will head the FCC. Obama has appointed former FCC commissioner Henry Rivera to lead the selection process. Rivera now works for law firm Wiley Rein, which was founded by former FCC Chairman Richard Wiley. Regardless […]

700MHz Auction Raises Record Amount, D Block Doesnt Sell

The 700MHz spectrum auction closed on Tuesday after raising more money than any other FCC auction. After eight weeks and 261 rounds, the auction netted $19.6 billion, far more than the projected $10 billion. Despite two months of activity, however, the D Block intended for a public-private first responder partnership did not sell. On the […]

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