On the Fax Track

Posted: 06/2000 On the Fax Track Enhanced Faxing Anchor Leg in Unified Messaging Race By James R. Dukart One analyst calls them the “Rodney Dangerfields of Wall Street.”Fax services companies get little or no respect on Wall Street as financial analysts are convinced e-mail will overtake them, says Peter Davidson, president of Davidson Consulting (www.davidsonconsulting.com) […]

Agency Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 06/2000 News Briefs * Two former regional vice presidents at Teleglobe Business Solutions (www.teleglobe.com) have accepted appointments at Globalcom Inc. (www.global-com.com). Tom Turner formerly ran Teleglobe’s West Coast agent channel. At Globalcom he will head up a newly introduced national agent program as vice president, alternate channels. Jim Tarantino has been appointed Globalcom’s senior […]

Resale Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 03/2000 News Briefs * UniDial Communications Inc. (www.unidial.com) has awarded Focal Communications Corp. (www.focal.com) a three-year, $18 million service agreement. UniDial will resell Focal’s local dial-tone services within the major metro areas it serves. In other UniDial news, the ICP has chosen NorthPoint Communications Inc. (www.north point.com) as its provider of digital subscriber line […]

Net2Phone Boosts Quality, Viability of VoIP with v.10

Posted: 02/2000 Net2Phone Boosts Quality, Viability of VoIP with v.10 Net2Phone Inc. (www.net2phone.com) has announced the rollout of Net2Phone v.10 software worldwide, with features that position the company and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) in general as a viable alternative to long distance. V.10 of the Hackensack, N.J.-based Internet telephony provider’s VoIP software features a […]

IP Puts New Spin on Fax

Posted: 06/1999 IP Puts New Spin on Fax By Brandy Pfalmer Even with the introduction of e-mail and its fast acceptance into the marketplace, faxing continues to be the most widely accepted mechanism for transporting information, making up a large part of a company’s phone bill. In fact, a study by the Gallup Organization for […]

Myths and Misconceptions of IP Telephony

Posted: 03/1999 Myths and Misconceptions of IP Telephony By Ofer Gneezy Internet protocol (IP) telephony continues to heat up the already smoking telecommunications industry. As VIP Calling Inc., Burlington, Mass., and other next-generation telcos play David to the established circuit-switched Goliaths, we alternately are buoyed by some analysts’ predictions of an "imminent packetized world" and […]

Market Makers Push "Telecommodities"

Posted: 12/1998 Market Makers Push "Telecommodities" By Khali Henderson In a decade of "disintermediation," when vendors like Austin, Texas,-based Dell Computer have been praised and copied for eliminating distribution layers (and incremental costs) between them and their customers, the telecommunications services market has added a layer of middlemen. By bringing buyers and sellers together, these […]

ISPs Dress Up Offerings by Reselling Premium Services

Posted: 11/1998 ISPs Dress Up Offerings by Reselling Premium Services By Denise Culver As the number of Internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States continues to increase (one estimate predicts triple-digit growth between 1996 and 1999), the big question for smaller ISPs is how to keep a leg up on the competition when price […]

Major Carriers Ready as Internet Telephony Prepares to Soar

Posted: 10/1997 Major Carriers Ready as Internet Telephony Prepares to Soar By Gary Kim Only a small portion of today’s $71.2 billion of domestic U.S. long distance phone calls are made using Internet Protocol (IP) software. Quality and ease of use are clear problems, so far. So most observers don’t think IP-based telephony will be […]

The Letter

Posted: 09/1997 The Letter AT&T Commits to IP Voice Though our words in this space have come as small comfort to many in the resale community, we have continued to argue that sweeping changes in the long distance business are headed our way. Among the challenges and opportunities we have discussed is the use of […]

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