ANPI Debuts Unlimited Fax Solutions for Hosted UC

ANPI announced the addition of fax solutions available as both a completely cloud-based service and as a fax line connected to a fax machine that offer unlimited faxing of an unlimited number of pages to anywhere in the U.S.

8×8 Updates Virtual Office Pro Offering

Version 2.0 of Virtual Office Pro further advances the mobility and productivity features of 8x8s Web-based communications and collaboration suite.

Toshiba Adds Fax Features to UM Gateway

Toshibas Telecommunication Systems Division has added fax features to Strata Messaging unified messaging solution, enabling SMBs to manage incoming and outgoing faxes.

PHONE+ POLL: Do You Sell Faxing Services?

Do you sell faxing services?online surveyThe results of this poll are not statistically valid and not representative of overall reader opinion. No individual or company is permitted to post the results of this poll and represent it as statistically valid or representative of the opinion of PHONE+ or its readership.

Test Your Faxing IQ

Before e-mailing, before instant messaging and before texting, there was faxing. At one time it was THE way to transmit important documents quickly from one location to another. While it’s common to think that faxing has gone the way of the typewriter, the truth is faxing is still very much alive. In fact, it’s a […]

MyFax Expands Local Fax Number Availability

MyFax announced it is offering local fax numbers in an additional 78 area codes throughout the United States, an increase of 46 percent in total area code coverage in just one year. MyFax now has coverage in virtually every area code within the United States. Businesses in the newly available area codes can choose either […]

Digium Debuts Fax For Asterisk

Digium Inc. has announced Fax For Asterisk, an offering that provides Asterisk users and integrators a suite of user-friendly applications and a licensed version of Commetrex’s fax modem software. Fax For Asterisk provides reliable faxing across the Internet and PSTN. Asterisk is available free of charge and has been downloaded millions of times for use […]

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