SCORPIO (OCT. 23 – NOV. 21) Okay, Scorpio, its finally your turn. If youre a Scorpio, chances are youve been really jealous of the other signs being the spotlight all year long. And, now you can finally stop obsessing. Fact: If we collected all of the detectives, both fictional and real, throughout the history of […]

CommPartners Announces Partner Program

CommPartners, which markets VoIP services to telecommunications providers, today announced the start of its channel partner program. CommPartners wants IT providers sell its VoIP products and services to SMBs and enterprises. The first company to sign is VoIP service provider Anexeon Communications. In fact, Anexeon is heading up the program and helped CommPartners develop it. […]

Marketing Showcase: Local Number Portability

The pundits were wrong about local number portability (LNP). Analysts expected droves of consumers to ditch their wireless providers for better deals once LNP rules took effect Nov. 24, but there was no instant mass exodus. Even so, channel partners likely will find themselves battling higher churn rates and fighting to promote aggressive win-back campaigns […]

Safe Haven for Crapshooters

Posted: 05/2001 Safe Haven for Crapshooters For anyone looking for signs of better times ahead in the telecommunications business, last month’s AgENt show in Las Vegas was a good place to be. That’s really saying something, considering the fact that a more likely expectation would have been that this event, like so many others in […]

In Box – Give Marconi His Due

Posted: 04/2001 In Box Give Marconi His Due In point of fact, Marconi invented the wireless telegraph (January PHONE+, Intellectual Capital. Although it was the first digital wireless system (binary dot-dash code), and a remarkable development, it was not what we call radio; Fessenden, deForest, Armstrong, and others built on Marconi’s work, using first amplitude, […]

Who’s Asleep at the e-Wheel

Posted: 04/2000 Who’s Asleep at the e-Wheel The thought of reading or writing another word about e-commerce makes me want to puke. But alas, anyone in this industry–heck, anyone who watched this year’s Super Bowl commercials–knows that e-commerce is the future. The Gartner Group Inc. (www.gartner.com) predicts business-to-business e-commerce revenues alone will climb to $7.29 […]

A New World Calls

Posted: 01/1999 A New World Calls By Kevin Kennedy In the world of telecommunications, we are at the dawn of a new age. At first blush, that statement may sound like hyperbole. However, it is no exaggeration. Driven by the rapid spread of the Internet, a new world network is emerging. In this new world, […]

Information Overload

Posted: 06/1998 Information Overload I got an interesting call today from a businessman seeking information on telecommunications services. He started out talking about a limited-time offer being pitched by his service provider, and asked whether he should sign up. Then, he got on the topic of long distance resellers and the telecommunications market at large. […]

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