Mike Hassett

THEN : In 1987, Mike Hassett was the account executive for Bell Atlantic in West Virginia. After completing a 700-location data network in support of the launch of the West Virginia State Lottery,  he spent the rest of the year adding state office locations to a multinode Centrex system. He also was beginning to look […]

ESPN Mobile Looks to Brightpoint for Service Enablement

ESPN Mobile, the MVNO from ESPN scheduled to launch in early 2006, has chosen Brightpoint Inc.s subsidiary, Brightpoint North America L.P., as its enabler. This means Brightpoint will facilitate services including inventory management, custom packaging, reverse logistics and fulfillment for the MVNO. ESPN Mobile already is working with Visage Mobile and Convergys Corp. Visage Mobile […]

Intrado Deploys VoIP E911 in New York City

Service bureau Intrado Inc. said today it has deployed new infrastructure throughout New York City so VoIP service providers there can provide E911 service for their subscribers. Intrado says New York City is the starting point for a nationwide rollout of its FCC-compliant VoIP E911 solution.Intrados technology, V9-1-1 Mobility Service, lets VoIP operators route their […]

Digizip Offering Local Service, IP PBX in New York

Digizip Inc. (Booth 504) now is offering local phone service in the state of New York and an IP PBX system by Artisoft tailored for small and medium businesses with 5 to 70 lines. The IP PBX provides desktop notification of new voice messages and allows users to work with voice messages and call recordings. […]

IPCC Signs MOU Agreement with ETSI

The International Packet Communications Consortium (Booth 717) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the European equivalent of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The MOU creates a two-way street for service providers and vendors on both continents to begin defining interoperability standards for VoIP technology. The first […]

Callipso Offers Direct IP Peering to Network

Callipso, which is being acquired by PointOne Communications, has announced the availability of Internet and private IP connections to its VoIP network, so customers can avoid traditional TDM interfaces. The move offers several advantages to service providers, says the company. IP call traffic can be turned up within hours, not days or weeks as with […]

Trading Desk: Offers Change Hubs into Trading Centers

Posted: 01/2001 Offers Change Hubs into Trading Centers By Khali Henderson Neutral collocation facility operators are moving beyond real estate and access management to provide services that will facilitate city-to-city and metro capacity trading. Telx (www.telx.com), which has operated a neutral collocation facility at 60 Hudson St. in New York for the past three years, […]

Eurocarrier, Excluded

IN-BOX Eurocarrier, ExcludedAfter reading your article, “If You Build It … They Will Come: Pan-European Network Growth Accelerates as the Yanks Move In” (PHONE+ International, May 15, page 28), I was surprised, amazed and disappointed that NETs (www.netsgroup.com) was not mentioned.NETs was the first network operator to provide DWDM services on its own network in […]

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