Survey: Most Americans Foggy on Cloud Computing

Still, more than one-third were clear on the fact that the cloud allows them to share information with people theyd rather not interact with in person perhaps that would be the 40 percent who like that the cloud lets them work from home in the nude.

Poll: Why Aren’t You Using Twitter or Facebook?

Despite promises that a social-media presence has great benefits to your business, not all of you have taken up Twitter or Facebook. Tell us why not in our poll. Or if you think it’s crazy not to, tell us that too.

Facebook Faces the Music

Facebook needs a breakout strategy to address the large number of users that access them through mobile devices. If the studies are even half right, success in the future requires a mobile strategy.

Homeland Security Watching Facebook, Hulu, Dozens of Others

A government official says the program was intended solely to enable officials to stay in touch with Internet-era media so they were aware of significant, developing events to which Homeland Security or its agencies might have to respond.

$100 Billion and Counting

Social media sites are essentially cloud applications that are made available to all of us. How a business employs these applications or tools will determine the derived value or measure of success.

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