F-Secure Dubs First Quarter Worm-Ridden

IT security provider F-Secure Corp. released its IT Threat Summary for the first quarter of 2009 today, pointing to the biggest malware story of 2009 so far as being the Conficker (aka Downadup) worm. Conficker is a classic worm exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, but with advanced features such as heavy encryption, a peer-to-peer functionality […]

Whats New?

TalkSwitch Updates Software, Adds Phones TalkSwitch has released the fourth version of its configuration software and added to its line of PBX telephone systems. The upgraded software allows local extensions on TalkSwitch systems to be enabled as either analog or IP; the functionality converts those platforms to fully hybrid IP PBXs. Users also are able […]

Flanking the Front Lines

EVERY NEW TECHNOLOGY attracts the dark side, as IP telephony did earlier this year when a VoIP executive and his hacker accomplice were arrested for fraud. And while computers largely have become immune to attacks thanks to firewalls and other security measures the occasional bug still seeps through the cracks. Next up on hackers radar […]


F-Secure Offers Network Control F-Secure Corp. has introduced the F-Secure Network Control appliance that targets threats such as spam bots and DoS zombies, which typically cause ISPs bandwidth disruption, loss of revenue and over-burdened help desks. F-Secure Network Control users identified as sources of disruption receive a Web page message guiding them to clean up […]

Safe Networks Secure Profits For Resellers

The continuing challenge businesses face in network security risk management has been identified as an opportunity for carriers; its one they have addressed in the last four or five years with IP VPNs primarily. But, say analysts and vendors, there is a larger opportunity for telcos in offering managed firewalls, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, vulnerability […]

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