Time Warner Telecom SVP: Extending Fiber Footprint is Key

Time Warner Telecoms Michael Rouleau Time Warner Telecom Inc. announced it late July its intention to snap up Xspedius Communications LLC, a privately held CLEC based in Missouri, for $531.5 million. About a month after the deal was announced, PHONE+ Editor Khali Henderson spoke to Time Warner Telecoms Michael Rouleau, senior vice president of business […]

Extending the WAN With Wireless

DEALERS TAKE NOTE: WIRELESS is becoming an integral part of the WAN sale as mobility continues to become intrinsic to the business environment. A new study from In-Stat says business-related wireless data service will have an average growth rate of 18 percent per year through 2009. The transformation of telecom spending continues unabated, In-Stat analyst […]

Target: SMB

Solution providers can achieve more success in the SMB market if they focus on understanding their customers’ requirements and develop targeted strategies that resolve business problems. There are many technologies available today that not only reduce maintenance costs of a network infrastructure, but also enhance the overall efficiency of an operation. Today’s convergence technology solutions […]

Japan Telecom Extends Switch and Data Relationship

Japan Telecom Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Softbank Corp., is extending its colocation and peering services with Switch and Data. Japan Telecom also plans to boost its peering capacity within Switch and Data’s Palo Alto site. Switch and Data’s PAIX services are available in 11 markets.

Extending VoIP’s Lifeline

EarthLink Inc. in early June announced it will offer a line-powered VoIP service on a trial basis in three markets beginning this fall. The service, powered by Covad, will enable the Atlanta-based ISP to offer voice services in apples-to-apples competition with the ILECs in those markets. Earthlink is the first service provider to trial Covad’s […]

ROUND TABLE: on Extending Bell Separate Affiliate Rules

Posted: 10/2002 Round Table … … on Extending Bell Separate Affiliate Rules … "[Separate affiliate] requirements should be extended for an additional three years beyond the date that the RBOC is authorized to provide in-region interLATA telecommunication services. This course of action is justified by evidence showing that the [RBOCs] continue to leverage their power […]

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