The New Collaboration Imperative

Posted: 06/2001 The New Collaboration ImperativeOf all the bottlenecks that must be broken to realize the full potential of a new generation of IP-based services, the most significant is the cultural bottleneck of resistance to change within the end-user community. That’s why the sales channels that are closest to the customers are suddenly at ground […]

Bottom Line: It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource

Posted: 05/2000 It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource By Faye F. Henris The Telecommunications Act of 1996, combined with overall global economic conditions, has provided the impetus for unprecedented growth and increased competition in the telecommunications industry.Viable options exist for consumers in most metropolitan areas to choose a service provider and a number of service […]

Business News – Cisco Takes Over Key Chip Maker

Posted: 04/2000 Cisco Takes Over Key Chip Maker BY CHARLOTTE WOLTERStrengthening its service provider infrastructure expertise, Cisco Systems Inc. ( has acquired integrated circuit (IC) design firm Growth Networks Inc., a leader in a new category of telecommunications silicon, Internet switch fabrics.The deal is worth about $335 million in Cisco common stock, which will be […]

Sprint Takes ASP Route, Too

Posted: 12/1999 Sprint Takes ASP Route, Too By Ken Branson Like its competitors–namely Qwest Communications International Inc., Denver–Sprint Corp. soon will become an applications service provider (ASP). It has formed an alliance with Deloitte Consulting, New York, to offer applications hosting services to corporate customers. The "alliance" stops short of a joint venture, but may […]

Second Phase of Carrier Consolidation Begins

Posted: 10/1999 Second Phase of Carrier Consolidation Begins By Ken Branson Mergers and acquisitions are always described by the people involved as a "win-win situation" or "the creation of a powerhouse" or some such superlative. However, things get lost, as well as gained, in a merger. The business of corporate consolidation used to be simple. […]

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