Squeezing Bandwidth Out of Voice

Posted: 08/1999 Squeezing Bandwidth Out of Voice By Woody Benson To maximize network performance, corporations have been employing effective data compression schemes for years. Yet, when it comes to voice compression, the benefits often are underestimated. While bandwidth will be more readily available and more cost-effective, there always will be a drive to maximize the […]

Lands of Opportunity

Posted: 05/1999 Lands of Opportunity Complaining has graduated from hobby to profession in this country. Our medicine is the most advanced in the world. Yet, it is the most expensive. Our cinema is the most prolific. Yet, our thespians are grossly overpaid. Our TV programming is the most varied. Yet, there are too many channels […]

Long Distance Peddlers No More

Posted: 03/1999 Long Distance Peddlers No More –Part One By Kieren McCobb As a consultant, among the most frequent queries I receive are about starting or running a long distance agency. The better question would be how to operate a "network services" agency. No doubt you have heard that the very survival of traditional long […]

People On The Move

Posted: 11/1997 People On The Move ICT Group Inc. appointed Susan Bettenhausen Vice President of Telecom-munications Industry Services. In this position, Bettenhausen will be responsible for the strategic management and business development of all customer care and call center teleservices applications specialized for the telecommunications industry. Andrew Maunder, president and CEO of Axiom Inc., has […]

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