Volo Signs International VoIP Deals

Wholesale provider Volo Communications Inc. said today at the CompTel/ASCENT Spring 2005 Convention & Expo in New Orleans it has signed deals with a number of international companies who will offer their customers VoIP services using Volos VoiceOne broadband voice technology. Several CLECs, IXCs, cable and wireless operators, ISPs and resellers in the U.K., Canada […]

Business News – Long-Distance Resale Margins Up

Posted: 09/2000 Long-Distance Resale Margins Up Operating margins are climbing for resellers of long distance, according to a survey released today by Boston-based telecommunications strategy and research firm ATLANTIC-ACM Inc. (www.atlantic-acm.com).Speaking of the ninth annual survey of long-distance resellers, ATLANTIC-ACM CEO Dr. Judy Reed Smith says, “Companies have been cutting internal costs, lowering wholesale contract […]


Walled In: Why IP Voice Is Held Captive (And, What Carriers, Vendors Are Doing to Set it Free) By Charlotte Wolter IP voice carriers face towering barriers between their networks, but a few chinks may be starting to appear in those walls. Identity Crisis: Should You Be A Reseller Or Distributor? By Neil S. Ende […]

Expect No Mercy

Posted: 09/1998 Expect No Mercy Subscription Fraudsters Are Formidable Foes By Mario McCash Subscription fraudsters come in all types, and prey upon service providers eager to welcome new customers in a highly competitive market. What’s your secret weapon? One of the most pernicious of all telecommunications fraud is subscription fraud, whereby the subscriber has no […]

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