PARTNER CHANNEL: Diamond in the Rough

Posted: 10/2002 Diamond in the Rough Web Hosting Remains a Lucrative Sale Despite Shakeout By Tara Seals YOU’VE READ THE HEADLINES, shook your head in resignation over the demise of the latest IP service provider and hoped your Web site is still up come morning. But many say the high-profile bankruptcies and consolidation in the […]

Carrier Channel: On Edge CDN Wholesalers’ Contest Extends from Courtroom to Web Services Deployment

Posted: 08/2002 On Edge CDN Wholesalers’ Contest Extends from Courtroom to Web Services Deployment By Khali Henderson THE INHERENT DIFFICULTY IN DUPLICATING a content delivery network (CDN) has ensured a small field of players. This and a new layer of value-added capabilities, up to and including Web Services-enablement, are erecting ever-taller barriers to would-be competitors […]

Stock Watch: On the Road to Recovery — or Not

Posted: 2/2002 Stock Watch On the Road to Recovery — or Not Although the positive economic news was scarce during the session that ended Dec. 17, investors were betting recovery is coming soon.Among the good tidings leading into the end-of-year holiday season were two reports that analysts say could telegraph a recovery. The National Association […]

Special Report Links

Posted: 11/2001 Special Report Restoring America’s Connections   Special Report Links Allegiance Telecom Inc. www.algx.comAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research www.aei.orgAmerican Tower Corp. www.americantower.comCompetitive Enterprise Institute www.cei.orgAT&T Corp. www.att.comBand-X Ltd. www.band-x.comBeacon Group www.thebeacongroup.comBroadwing Communications Inc. www.broadwing.comCogent Communications Inc. www.cogentco.comCompaq Computer Corp. www.compaq.comCTC Communications Corp. www.ctcnet.comData Storage Corp. www.stortek.comDynegy Inc. www.dynegy.comEssengent www.essengent.comEverest Broadband Networks www.everestbroadband.comExodus […]

Business News – Global Crossing Issues GlobalCenter Tracking Stock

Posted: 09/2000 Global Crossing Issues GlobalCenter Tracking Stock By Ken Branson Global Crossing Ltd. (www.globalcrossing.com) has filed a statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (www.sec.gov) in preparation for issuing a tracking stock for its GlobalCenter Inc. (www.globalcenter.com) Internet service and web-hosting unit.During the spring, Global Crossing announced it was considering offering GlobalCenter as a […]

Opcenter: Collocators Do Carriers’ Cyberlifting

Posted: 08/2000 Collocators Do Carriers’ Cyberlifting By Ken Branson If, as the conventional industry wisdom holds, you can’t have too much bandwidth, then a corollary is this: You can’t have too much collocation space.Collocation used to be a simple matter of putting a competitive carrier’s equipment in a cage in an incumbent carrier’s CO. The […]

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