Integra Snaps Up Rival Eschelon

CLEC merger fever on the East Coast is spreading to the West Coast. Integra Telecom Inc. announced on Tuesday it is buying rival CLEC Eschelon Telecom Inc. for $30 per share, or approximately $566 million. The deal is expected to close in the third quarter. Integra is based in Portland, Ore., and serves business throughout […]

CEO Forum: Despite Challenges, Opportunities Exist

While consolidation of the large carriers will create even larger Goliaths for competitive carriers to battle against, these combinations could create benefits for CompTel/ASCENT members, according to executives on Tuesday afternoons CEO Forum titled The Future of CLEC Business Models. For example, XO Communications CEO Carl Grivner said he expects prices to begin to stabilize […]

What If Competition Didn’t Exist?

Posted: 2/2003 What If Competition Didn’t Exist? By H. Russell Frisby Jr. IMAGINE A WORLD IN WHICH no competition existed. It would be impossible to find your car in the parking lot because everyone would be driving the same kind of blue sedan. There would be only one flavor of ice cream. There would be […]

Bandwidth Glut Yet to Surface

Posted: 02/2000 Bandwidth Glut Yet to Surface any camps exist that believe the U.S. domestic bandwidth market will tumble as new technologies that utilize the existing fiber for higher bandwidth throughput are introduced. The increased bandwidth is expected to outpace bandwidth demand and drive prices downward. However, the Real-Time Bandwidth Exchange*Revealed Price Index (RTBX*RPI), which […]

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