Businesses Overconfident About IT Security

Only 13 percent of firms say theyve made drastic changes to their security approach over the past two years surprising when you consider the adoption of cloud computing, BYOD and social tools.

Nortel Alums Mull Buying Company, Keeping It Intact

Several former Nortel execs say they have a plan to buy the bankrupt company and essentially keep it intact. Former president Robert Ferchat, retired vice-president David Mann and former chief marketing officer Ian Craig are among those who will make a bid to buy the once-proud Canadian telecommunications giant. Ferchat tells the Ottawa Citizen that […]

Carrier and Channel Executives Debate Partners Value

While each partner and each vendor follows a different course, they are all trying to arrive at a similar destination profitability. How to get there is a matter for debate. The community at channel partners is in agreement on at least one thing the indirect model presents a promising path. What that path should look […]

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