Optical Solutions Awarded GPON Contract

Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) provider Optical Solutions Inc. (Booth 1540) has announced that Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative of Vernon, Texas, has initiated services with its FiberPath 500 GPON system, in the first of several competitive FTTH deployments planned for the next five years. According to Santa Rosa General Manager Dennis Raines, a large number […]

Arbinet Marks Member Milestone

Minutes-trader Arbinet-thexchange Inc. said yesterday the worlds 10 largest international carriers are now members of its exchange.This is a significant achievement for us, said Curt Hockemeier, president and CEO, in a news release. Having all 10 of the worlds largest international carriers, plus hundreds of other members of all sizes, underscores the value proposition and […]

Exchanges Take on Mobile Matchmaking

This spring, two groups came forward to provide separate forums for mobile network operators to find each other to directly exchange traffic. The premise behind both is to provide a single interconnect for more efficient and higher-quality terminating voice traffic - and eventually content and messaging services. In early February, Global Crossing Ltd. formally launched its […]

Exchanges Revisited

The multilateral exchange has gone through many mutations over its short life but now seems to find itself at the meet-me point for clearinghouses and interconnection providers. There now are options for the exchange of IP data traffic that likely will spill over into IP voice, and each tackles the problem from a different direction […]

Carrier Channel: Minute By Minute

Posted: 10/2002 Minute By Minute Facilities-Based Exchanges Continue to Woo Risk-Averse Carriers By Khali Henderson DESPITE CONTRACTION AMONG international long-distance minutes exchanges, the survivors report they are profiting from carriers’ quest to manage both risk and margins. Curt Hockemeier The enduring exchanges — Arbinet-thexchange Inc. and Band-X Ltd. — both report increases in business in […]

Exchanges Offer Alternative to Costly Wholesale Billing

Posted: 07/2002 Exchanges Offer Alternative to Costly Wholesale Billing By David Sumka SHAREHOLDERS ARE DEMANDING that after years of unprecedented expansion telecom deliver the profits promised in their business plans. This demand comes at a time when customers are cutting back on their spending. In this environment, carriers are exploring all methods to reduce costs […]

Trading Desk: Band-X Focuses on Improving IP, Minutes Exchanges

Posted: 03/2002 TRADING DESKBand-X Focuses on Improving IP, Minutes Exchanges By Josh Long John Lewis, COO, Band-X Ltd. Neutral exchange Band-X. Ltd. always knew it would need more money to support operations around the globe, says COO John Lewis. Unfortunately, the privately-held company faced the same glum reality as so many other telecom businesses did […]

Trading Desk: Briefs

Posted: 1/2002 Trading Desk News Briefs * In the first of a series of telecom impact studies, “Bandwidth Exchanges: From Bulletin Boards to Tradable Commodity Amid the Telecom Turmoil,” Lemay-Yates Associates Inc. notes a dramatic expansion of market activity in bandwidth trading in the last two years, with at least 1,000 bandwidth trades per quarter. […]

Trading Desk – Online Satellite Trading Gives New Meaning to the Word ‘Cyberspace’

Posted: 10/2001 Trading Desk Online Satellite Trading Gives New Meaning to the Word ‘Cyberspace’ By Tara Seals Satellite bandwidth trading platforms, like all capacity exchanges, were conceived as places to trade, sell and buy excess bandwidth in an efficient fashion with as few barriers as possible. The difference is satellite exchanges capitalize on high-margin services […]

Trading Desk – News Briefs

Posted: 06/2001 Trading Desk NEWS BRIEFS* RateXchange Corp. ( has joined with TeleCity plc ( to launch “IP Access.” To address a major IP trading issue, TeleCity will measure key QoS metrics on Internet providers’ networks, enabling buyers to compare quality and make informed purchase decisions. Telecity, an Internet infrastructure and outsourcing service provider, also […]

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