INTERVIEW: FCC Chairman Michael Powell

Posted: 04/2002 FCC Chairman Michael Powell By Fred Dawson & Kim SunderlandIN ADVANCE OF FCC CHAIRMAN Michael K. Powell’s keynote presentation in March at the Competitive Telecommunications Association PHONE+ editor at large Fred Dawson and contributing writer Kim Sunderland spoke to the head of the nation’s telecommunications regulatory body regardingcompetition and regulation. The following is […]

Service Providers Seek Partners to Keep Pace with Rising Demand

Posted: 2/2002 Service Providers Seek Partners to Keep Pace with Rising Demand By Khali Henderson Armed with enhancements to their technology and increased awareness of its availability, conferencing service providers are putting greater emphasis — some for the first time — on channel strategies. In fall 2001, ACT Teleconferencing Inc., InterAct Conferencing and Premiere Conferencing […]

Trading Desk – Bang for the Buck: Arbinet Launches Quality Choice Routing

Posted: 12/2001 Trading Desk Bang for the Buck: Arbinet Launches Quality Choice Routing By Tara Seals Comparison shopping is a cornerstone of capitalism. Whether pricing Minute Rice or minutes of voice traffic, the buyer’s goal is the same: Getting the most bang for the buck. Arbinet-thexchange Inc. has made comparison shopping automatic with a twist […]

Thrive & Survive

Posted: 01/2001 Thrive & Survive E-procurement Presents New Efficiencies in Today’s Competitive Climate By Ed Bell and Jeff Trabaudo Many businesses seeking new opportunities in today’s world face operational challenges because of the rapid growth and changes caused from increased Internet usage. Managers are forced to find new ways to thrive and survive, as they […]

Trading Desk: Master Trading Contract Nears Completion

Posted: 10/2000 Master Trading Contract Nears Completion By Khali Henderson After months of deliberation, a master agreement for trading bandwidth among carriers is nearing the final stages of construction. Only one point–how to measure liquidated damages for non-performance–remains undecided, says H. Russell Frisby Jr., president of the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel, www.comptel.org), the carrier organization […]

Trading Post

Q: What is the Purpose of a Pricing Index? A: The concept is not new; indices are used as pricing mechanisms in stock and commodity markets. The ability to buy or sell bandwidth based on an index price is an alternative to the standard “fixed price”bids or offers.Q: What is an index?A: An index is […]

Special Report – As the Post-271 World Turns

Posted: 03/2000 Where to Find the Best Customers for Prepaid Services Pinpointing Ethnic Populations Use of prepaid cards by ethnic callers continues to be a strong source of growth for the U.S. prepaid communications industry, according to research by ATLANTIC-ACM (www.atlantic-acm.com). The diverse ethnicities in the United States offer service providers many opportunities for niche […]

Trench Warfare

Posted: 11/1999 Trench Warfare How To Fight and Win in the Courtroom By Neil S. Ende Litigation. The mere mention of the word often is enough to wobble the knees of even the most experienced and hardened telecommunications executives. Even most in-house counsel dread the very thought of litigating with a major telecommunications carrier. But, […]

The New Frontier: Broadband Solutions for ‘TheLast Mile’

Posted: 10/1999 The New Frontier: Broadband Solutions for ‘The Last Mile’ By H. Russell Frisby Jr. The Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel) will hold its Fall Business Conference in Phoenix Oct. 3-6. This event will mark the first time the association will feature exhibitors at its fall conference. Many of these exhibitors are in the vanguard […]

Recapturing Lost Value

Posted: 08/1999 Recapturing Lost Value By Casey Freymuth Industry forecasts rarely provide third-, fourth- and fifth-tier long distance service providers with much to smile about. Shrinking margins, bundling woes (such as anemic local and wireless resale markets) and the inevitable entry of the Bells into the long distance market have done little to lift the […]

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