Negotiating: Discover Exactly What Your Sales Prospect Wants

Negotiation in sales can be a tricky process when salespeople dont know the true needs of their prospects. But the most successful sales and business professionals know how to ask questions that determine what their prospective clients really want. They use questions to open up communication and encourage prospects to share information. However, using questions […]

How to Prepare for Any Negotiation Session

If you think successful salespeople “wing it” when it comes to negotiation, think again. In truth, they prepare for every negotiation with the same rigor as a student preparing for an upcoming exam. Smart salespeople realize effective negotiation depends on preparation. They take time to think through their own positions and that of their counterparts […]

Industry Leaders: Turn, Face the Change

Adapt to change was the advice given to attendees at the CompTel/ASCENT convention in remarks by both the associations CEO H. Russell Frisby Jr., Chairman Sherm Henderson, who is also president and CEO of Lightyear, and its keynote speaker Broadwing CEO David R. Huber. Frisby, quoting a Bob Dylan song, said the times they are […]

Co-opetition Comes to the Local Market

With little to sustain them in the way of wins on the regulatory front, competitive service providers are getting creative. AT&T Corp., for example, announced marketing agreements with cablecos Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter and Mediacom which allow AT&T to refer CallVantage purchasers to the appropriate local cable operator for the broadband connection required for […]

The 411 on VoIP DA

The regional Bell operating companies stand to lose 15 percent of residential lines with average monthly bills of $24 to cable companies, independent carriers and long-haul carriers that offer VoIP service, according to Standard & Poors. As the proliferating group of U.S. VoIP carriers signs a bigger share of customers (accounting for 12 percent of […]

Owning the Revenue Stream

Posted: 10/2003 Owning the Revenue Stream Preparing for Profit Assurance in a Partner- & Content-driven Communications Market By Guy Alon Communications service providers are gearing up to play a significant role in the distribution of content. The expectation is that delivering content to customers will compensate for lower subscriber growth rates and falling prices in […]

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Posted: 10/2003 Are You Leaving Money on the Table? By John Konczal and Mike Devine Today, revenue assurance most often is considered a set of processes that monitor the multiple operational functions that can cause revenue leakage for example, reconciling service usage generated by the network with that which actually is billed to end-customers. Many […]

Sales Tips for a New Era

Posted: 9/2003 Sales Tips for a New Era By Dr. Christie Smith In the past, sales were dependent upon one thing: the product. Today, telecom companies have to distinguish themselves not only on product, but rather on the services they provide, the bundled nature of their products/services, and the quality of the relationships they develop […]


Posted: 5/2003 Safe Haven Agents Partner with Bells to Weather Stormy Times By Wayne M. Thomas, D.B.A. The telecom hurricane still roars even after blowing virtually every public CLEC into bankruptcy. However, ILEC revenue rose by 4.9 percent to $122.6 billion, representing 91.9 percent of total spending, according to the Telecommunications Industry Association’s 2003 Telecommunications […]

Reshaping Your Business for Survival

Posted: 11/2002 Reshaping Your Business for Survival By Casey Freymuth WE’VE ALL SEEN THE ARTICLES ON SURVIVING an economic downturn. The first wave appeared in early 2001. Bullish experts told us not to sweat it — that the sky was not falling, and telecom and tech companies shouldn’t forego long-term growth strategies for a short-term […]

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