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Seven Keys to the MPLS Kingdom

The rise of cloud computing and virtualization is just one reason MPLS-enabled solutions are beginning to stir up more buzz. Geoffrey McCarroll, director of operations for master agent Global Systems Telecom (GST), said MPLS is hot right now because customers are gaining a better understanding of technology. “Today, most companies are looking for ways to […]

Unlock Data Vault Profits

2,100,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. That’s how much storage-as-a-service capacity will be used by 2012. Expressed in its unabbreviated form, 2.1 exabytes is imposing. But what may be even more remarkable is that it represents 65 percent growth over 2007 capacity, according to recent data from IDC. The opportunity to deliver online storage services is clear. The incredible […]

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