Matrix Telecom Assembles CLEC Co-op

Matrix Telecom debuted a new wholesale service called Network Matrix, which is designed to give CLECs the ability to offer customers seamless nationwide service. Network Matrix is a kind of CLEC cooperative, explains Rick Nagel, director of wholesale for Network Matrix. Matrix will serve as a gateway to several independent networks across the country, he […]

Everybody Wins

Converting Customers to EBPP - Part I Editor’s Note: This, the first of two articles, addresses migrating consumers to electronic billing and presentment. Turn to PHONE+ in October to read more about converting commercial clients to EBPP. “You’d be amazed what people will do for a T-shirt,” says Jerry Kadavy, senior manager for Pioneer Telephone Cooperative […]

Everybody Loves Data

Posted: 11/1999 Everybody Loves Data By James R. Dukart As data applications proliferate, networks expand and employees and business partners become increasingly dispersed, companies are hot for data, opening up vibrant new markets for resellers. It may not be the title of a hit sitcom just yet, but talk to enough resellers and wholesalers and […]

The Telecom Wars

Posted: 01/1998 With the coming of the new year and everybody full of good cheer–or maybe just too much food and drink–this seems like a good time to talk about cooperation. The need stems from conversations about negotiating agreements among interexchange carriers and incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers. There isn’t much movement to report. […]

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