evergreen clauses


Evergreen Clauses: Are They Enforceable?

From an agent’s perspective, including evergreen clauses, which ensure continuing commission payments for the life of the customer, in its agreements with carriers and master agents seems like a good idea. But are they enforceable? As with most legal issues, that depends on many factors, including the contract language and the governing law. Contract Language. […]

Evergreen: A State of the Union

        Benjamin W. Bronston, partner, Nowalsky, Bronston & Gothard It should come as no surprise that most agents view evergreen language to be the most important aspect of their provider agreements. Since I first started focusing my law practice exclusively in the telecom arena more than 15 years ago, evergreen clauses have […]

Soap Box: Dont Create Your Own Recession in a Recession-Proof Business

Larry Fishelson, COO, Dynalink Communications Welcome to telecommunications, the second largest industry in the world behind defense. Even the richest man in the world is in the industry; Carlos Slim of Telmex surpassed Bill Gates for the honors in 2007. Why would you say telecom is so high up? I say telecom is like death […]

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