Changing Gears

Changing Gears The telecom industry has been in transition ever since Alexander Graham Bell first gave us the telephone, said Simon Beresford-Wylie, CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks, in a presentation at this springs CTIA conference. But the last few years [have] been simply breathtaking.

Out of the Loop

Out of the Loop The Bells are on course to do away with more copper loops than ever, an apparent rush to beat the clock in case the FCC institutes a stringent review process.

Rockin the Channel:

The band plays Drais at the Barbary Coast Casino at the Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year. The OC-192 Band members dont want to work they just want to bang on their drums all day! If youve been to a telecom event in past decade, chances are youve seen Bruce Barnes, Greg […]

Not Your Fathers Voice Mail

Every day, workers are bombarded with a constant stream of instant messages, email, phone calls, faxes, scheduled and unscheduled conferences, and online input like blogs and video clips. Juggling all those communications can take up a large chunk of the working day. Gone are the days of message pads, departmental voice mail and “hold my […]

US Conferencing Showcases Master Agent Program

US Conferencing (Booth 117), a reservationless audio and Web conferencing service, which provides automated conferencing 24/7 without the need to ever make reservations or rely on an operator, announced it is showcasing its master agent program at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Billing itself as the last master agent program you will ever need, […]

Otomi, Marcatel Partner

Otomi Group LLC (Booth 114), which serves telecommunications carriers around the world with IP services and marketing consulting, and Marcatel have partnered to provide the Mexican community in the United States the best option to call family and friends in Mexico. The combination of Otomi IP services with Marcatels telecommunications network provides the best solution […]

Why Broadband Critical Mass Matters More Than Ever

By John Logan A recent study shows 43 percent of online households connect to the Internet via broadband. Good news? Not good enough, actually. It is not broadband critical mass. The statistic largely ignores the fact that millions of citizens in the United States have no Internet access at all. Hurricane Katrina reflects how lack […]

Sprint/Nextel Hires New Channel VP

The recently merged Sprint and Nextel (Booths 212-214) has hired a new vice president of partners and channels. Steve Rowley has worked in the telecom industry for more than 17 years, most recently in various senior level positions at Sprint. He last worked as vice president of emerging and mid-markets within Sprint Business Solutions, where […]

Soap Box: Will IP VPNs Ever Be Viable?

Posted: 1/2002 Soap Box Will IP VPNs Ever Be Viable? By Bert WhyteNo one roots harder for Internet protocol (IP) services to succeed than creators of broadband service creation platforms, but it’s time to get real.After a few years of fishing in the broadband services pool, carriers are “cutting bait” on unprofitable services faster than […]

Seven-Year Switch

Posted: 08/1998 Seven-Year Switch They say all the cells in your body are regenerated every seven years. Yet, somehow, very little about our appearance is renewed; in fact, we are just grayer, flabbier versions of our former selves. So much for cell memory. If we are basically unimproved physically, then, certainly, there must be some […]

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