Session Explains When, Why SMBs Pull the Trigger on VoIP

SMBs have been slower than expected to trade their TDM systems for VoIP. However, once the benefits are understood, there are a number of factors that can trigger the migration to VoIP, according to panelists in todays session, When and Why SMBs Pull the Trigger on VoIP. Giving partners sales organizations tools to sell VoIP […]

Raindance Adds Webcasting to Suite of Multimedia Conferencing Services

Raindance Communications Inc. (Booth 121) has added Internet audio broadcasting to its suite of multimedia conferencing services. The new Webcasting feature allows participants to sit back and experience Web, audio and video of a live event without picking up the phone, while retaining rich interactivity through the suite of online tools available to them. With […]

What Makes SMBs Pull the Trigger on VoIP?

When it comes to advancements in telecommunications, SMBs historically have gotten the short end of the technological stick. Large corporations and consumers have been among the early adopters of VoIP due in large part to large corporations having the money to invest in emerging technologies like VoIP in order to save themselves money in the […]


Posted: 10/2003 Signs of the Times Do you ever wonder how we got here? Not so much the chain of events leading up to this moment, but why those events occurred in the first place? I do. In my own life, I am comforted that self-inflicted and external setbacks are indeed momentary and lead me […]

Trading Desk – There’s No Business like Slow Business

Posted: 12/2001 Trading Desk There’s No Business like Slow Business By Tara Seals In theory, short-term contracts at low prices and on a just-in-time basis should make bandwidth trading appealing to the broadcast industry. In practice, however, capacity traders had better look at getting true bandwidth-on-demand capability, and fast. As providers add Gigabit Ethernet and […]

Through a Glass, Darkly

Posted: 11/2001 Opinion Through a Glass, Darkly Ernie B. Kelly III It is traditional for me to write a Soapbox column for PHONE+ in conjunction with the big conferences we sponsor in May and November.I always look forward to writing them. They serve as a twice-a-year opportunity to reach out and touch readers on the […]

The Letter – What a Difference a Day Makes

Posted: 11/2001 The Letter What a Difference a Day Makes As you read this issue, it is a month and a half from the fateful Sept. 11 attacks on America. As we prepare it, it is only a week and a half. We debated about whether there would be a disconnect to tie this issue […]

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