True Broadband At Last

Posted: 08/2001 True Broadband At Last Optical Wave-Based Services, Fiber Penetration Spell Upheaval in Local Telecom By Fred Dawson Midway through 2001 it appears that optical technology has finally penetrated deeply enough into the local telecom market to ignite the long-awaited broadband revolution.The spark is leaping across an ever-shorter access distance between end users and […]

Business News – Global Crossing Kicks Off New Wholesale Products, Announces Strategy

Posted: 04/2001 Global Crossing Kicks Off New Wholesale Products, Announces Strategy By Tara Seals Global Crossing Ltd. ( announced its new global positioning strategy and launched the latest additions to its wholesale portfolio at CompTel’s 20th Anniversary Conference in Orlando, Fla. New products include metro networks, burstable IP capacity, fast and gigabit Ethernet access options, […]

Business News – EPIK Launches Enlightened IP Services

Posted: 04/2001 EPIK Launches Enlightened IP Services By Tara Seals Carrier’s carrier EPIK Communications Inc. ( has announced its "enlightened IP" services strategy. This suite of services includes dedicated Internet access, IP VPNs and Ethernet transport. Enlightened IP will be deployed via EPIK’s "IP-On-Wave" 10-gigabit, converged IP-and-optic network this year. By provisioning the services across […]

Wholesale – Level 3 Signs Ethernet Deal with Telseon

Posted: 03/2001 Wholesale Level 3 Signs Ethernet Deal with Telseon By Josh Long Boosting traffic flows without signing an incumbent agreement or laying new pipes through an intercity region, Level 3 Communications Inc. has begun providing a Gigabit Ethernet-based service to customers through an agreement with Telseon. Telseon, which uses an Ethernet protocol rather than […]


Posted: 02/2001 IN BOX XO Boosts GigE Story I appreciated Khali Henderson’s December article, "Wholesale Metro IP Gets Gig E Boost" and wanted to inform you of XO Communications’ Gigabit Ethernet services. Targeted to improve bandwidth delivery, XO is in a unique position to quickly become the leader in Ethernet services. Designed to connect customers’ […]

Wholesale Metro IP Gets "GigE-boost"

Posted: 12/2000 Wholesale Metro IP Gets "GigE-boost" By Khali Henderson This month, IP Networks Inc. ( turns up its 300-mile Gigabit IP backbone in Northern California, joining an emerging group of wholesalers gobbling up dark fiber to offer fast pipes for a fraction of the cost. IP Networks and its competitors (see "Select Gigabit IP […]

Ethernet’s Star Rises Again

Posted: 07/2000 Ethernet’s Star Rises Again By Charlotte Wolter With its standard now a ripe 18 months old, gigabit Ethernet services are being launched in metropolitan areas nationwide by new network operators that provide no other service. Gigabit Ethernet lets these operators offer highly scalable and low-cost bandwidth almost on-demand, a service that is getting […]

Ethernet’s Star Rises Again

Posted: 08/2000 Delivering QoS via Application-Based Routing By Alex V. Petrov The IP has become the de facto platform for the long-hailed convergence of communications, computers and content.On the forefront of this revolutionary transformation is ferocious competition in the voice and fax services markets, where VoIP technology has made deep inroads into PSTN. Close optimization […]

Business News – Broadcom Chip Enables Converged Networks

Posted: 10/1999 Broadcom Chip Enables Converged Networks By Charlotte Wolter Broadcom Corp., Irvine, Calif., announced availability of a new switch-on-a-chip, the StrataSwitch, that will do fast switching of data, voice and video in gigabit Ethernet networks. The wire-speed, multilayer switch combines switching, routing and traffic classification in a single integrated circuit (IC) that replaces as […]

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