Just What Are You Looking For?

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO In response to Khali Henderson’s story about PlanetOne’s exclusive Platinum offer, I am wondering what agents are looking for. Is 1 percent to 3 percent more of commission what you want? Better back-office support? Easier quoting ability? (I would like that, especially from L3, Sprint, Embarq, Qwest and GX.) Sales Training? […]

Conflicting Interests

I HAVE HAD AN ESPECIALLY hard time settling on what to write in this space this month. I feel conflicted. While on the one hand there seems to be an amazing amount of innovation (IPTV, VoIP, content delivery) on top of carrier networks; on the other hand the competitive carrier market and the channels resellers […]

Senate Confirms FCC Nominees

The Senate last night confirmed Deborah T. Tate as the FCCs newest Republican commissioner, and re-appointed Michael J. Copps, a Democrat who has served on the commission since 2001. In another late-night session, senators approved President Bushs two nominations by voice vote, Reuters reported. Tates term will expire in June 2007. She most recently has […]

RollCall Releases Web-Recorder

RollCall Business Conferencing, a division of ILD Telecommunications Inc., has rolled out its latest audio and Web conferencing product, called Web-Recorder. Available through channel partners, the services lets users record audio and Web through RollCalls DataXchange conferencing application. RollCalls newest feature records a reservationless, operator-assisted audio and Web conference from a users desktop. RollCall says […]

Telecom Agents Pick Up Steam

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a cold and snowy winter, especially in the Northeast, which means much of the country is headed for another long season of ever-higher gas and electric bills. While that might initially seem irrelevant, a company called Alternative Utility Services is asking telecom agents to consider the notion of expanding into the […]

The Letter – What’s Next?

Posted: 09/2001 The Letter What’s Next? As I sit down to write my “comeback” editor’s letter (for those of you that didn’t notice, I was gone from this post for the past year), I am not nearly as anxious about its contents as I was the first time I came back from “entrepreneurhood” in 1998, […]

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