Tele-Tech Releases SLC Index

Tele-Tech Services Inc., a provider of local calling area, rating and routing data databases, has released the SLC Index, which helps CLECs keep their subscriber-line rates accurate. Because CLEC billing to end users is based on the wholesale providers subscriber-line rates, using outdated rate information causes billing errors. Tele-Tech said the SLC Index helps CLECs […]

Intec Launches Intec CEMS for Revenue Assurance

Intec Telecom plc has announced the Intec Centralized Error Management System (Intec CEMS) for telecom operators, aimed at cutting revenue losses by reducing error volumes, lowering the costs of managing errors and recovering revenue from unbilled usage and service order errors. Intec CEMS addresses errors between the services supplied to or ordered by customers, and […]

Splice Communications Announces Network Monitoring Products

Splice Communications Inc. (Booth 805), a telecommunications wholesale service provider specializing in IP transit, local access, private lines and colocation, has introduced an innovative network performance monitoring tool that enables agents to increase post-sale commissions and overcome mid-term contract obstacles by selling a complementary product to customers. The network performance monitoring solution, which installs and […]

NuVox Resells Perimeters Security Services

NuVox Communications, an ISP with subscribers in the southeast and Midwest, is reselling Perimeter Internetworkings hosted managed services. Features include compliance regulation, anti-virus, spam filtering, e-mail security and archiving, and data backup. Thanks to Perimeter, NuVox is able to offer its customers options when natural disasters or human errors hurt business operations.


The article, “Mergers May Leave Agents Spinning Wheels,” in PHONE+ May 2005, Pages 22-23, misspelled the name of Peter Radizeski, president of RAD-INFO Inc. The article, “Big Brand MNVOs Need Big Back-Office Support,” also in PHONE+ May 2005, Pages 30-34, contained a diagram with missing text. The correct diagram is below. PHONE+ apologizes for the […]

Connexn Launches Certo

Connexn Technologies unveiled at Billing and OSS World 2004 this week a new platform for recouping operator revenue lost from billing and OSS errors.. Dubbed Certo, after the Latin for certitude, the cost and revenue assurance (CRA) software was rolled out with a series of three packaged applications for interconnect, wireless postpaid usage and wireline […]

The Analyst Corner – The Business Value in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

The Business Value in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance By Rob Daly, President & CEO of Bluespring Software No doubt, most public communications service providers are scrambling towards the looming June 15 deadline for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, as required by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Teams have been formed, processes have been documented and internal controls […]

Quicker Cash Quicker Cash

Posted: 7/2003 Quicker Cash Speed Payment Processing with Automated Lockbox By Ron Whaley When it comes to getting paid, everyone would like faster access to their money. Telecom companies are no different. Their problem is that manually processing customer payments can be tedious and time-consuming. However, many carriers are now finding relief from an automated […]

Blame Game

Posted: 07/2002 Blame Game Billing Department Frequent Scapegoat for Process Problems By Linda Gimnich and Cathy McDonald BILLING PROBLEMS TOP THE FCC’s quarterly consumer reports listing of the top complaints regarding telecommunications services. No doubt telco executives are calling their managers of billing operations on the carpet for the failure of their billing systems. On […]

In Box

Posted: 06/2002 In Box The Good, The Bad, The UNE – The Errors! I have just read your article on UNE-P and found it interesting but think you misinterpreted some points. First, there are many more UNE-P CLECs than you mentioned. We have more than 6,500 lines on the UNE-P and we are not the […]

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