Ernie Kelly

THEN: In 1987, Ernie Kelly was working for the Communications Satellite Corp. (COMSAT) as director of government relations. AT&T was the big boy on the telecom block, doing everything it could to bully and intimidate competitors, he recalls of that year. NOW: Today, he is a self-employed consultant in the telecom industry, a role that […]

The Leader and the Damage Done

  No sooner had the stardust started settling in Washington following the inaugural to celebrate George Bush’s second term in office when word came out that Michael Powell, chairman of the FCC during Bush’s first term, was retiring from his post. My initial response was, “Boy, that’s wonderful news, but about two years too late.” […]

XO Names New Carrier Sales Head

XO Communications Inc. has named Ernest "Ernie" Ortega as president of carrier sales. Ortega will lead the new XO Carrier Sales Group, which was established to strengthen the company’s focus on the carrier services market. With this shift, XO will use its network assets and range of services to serve two distinct customer groups: carriers […]

Ernie Kelly How He (and We) Got Here

Posted: 05/2002 Ernie Kelly How He (and We) Got Here By Khali Henderson IT ISN’T UNCOMMON THESE DAYS to find someone “moving on” from his current career. Usually that’s a euphemism for “laid off,” but in the case of Ernest B. Kelly, who left the helm of the Association of Communication Enterprises (ASCENT) April 30, […]

UP FRONT: ASCENT’s Kelly to Retire

Posted: 03/2002 UP FRONT ASCENT’s Kelly to RetireErnest B. Kelly III will retire as president of the Association of Communications Enterprises (ASCENT, on April 30, at the end of his current term.Hired in November 1993 as the association’s first executive director, Kelly has served continuously as the head of the organization. He was named […]

ASCENT Pleased with Successful Event, Despite Economic, Travel Challenges

Posted: 1/2002 ASCENT Pleased with Successful Event, Despite Economic, Travel Challenges By Josh Long #1: Homer and Lance Daniels, Plex-net Communications Services Inc.; Pam and Craig Hill, Virtual Back Office Software Inc. #2: Karen Chase and John Huddleston, Qwest Communications International Inc. #3: Bob Jacobs and Troy Baldree, Access Point Inc.; Paul Valenzuela, Call Center […]

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