Ernie Kelly


PHONE+ Editorial Cartoonist Publishes Anthology

Ernie Kelly, editorial cartoonist for PHONE+ magazine, will be on hand at the Fall 2008 COMPTEL PLUS Convention & Expo to promote his new anthology of nearly a decade of “Alternate Channel” cartoons. Kelly authors the cartoon, along with artist John Mortensen, under the pseudonym Lance Sterling. The collection, “Change Partners,” is a compendium of […]

Agent Alliance Retools, Taps Insider as CEO

The Agent Alliance, a consortium of 16 telecom agencies, has dropped its volunteer-based management structure in favor of a full-time paid staff, including a CEO. The group has tapped alliance member company ARG to provide management services, including the leadership of its president Bill Power as the alliances new CEO. The groups part-time executive director Ernie […]

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