Investment Firm Hires Powell

Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell has joined Providence Equity Partners Inc., a private equity investment firm specializing in media, communications and information companies, as a senior advisor. Powell will advise Providence on technology and regulatory issues, and investment opportunities. Providence Equity is an investor in T-Mobile USA and Nextel. Various media speculate the firm hired […]

FDN, Equity Firm Acquire Supra Telecom

FDN Communications and H.I.G. Capital, a private equity firm in the Southeast, have acquired Supra Telecom, a Miami-based telephone company operating out of bankruptcy court protection. Maitland, Fla.-based FDN and H.I.G. each will own half of Supra, a telecommunications provider supporting about 250,000 residential customers and generating annual revenue of approximately $150 million, according to […]

One Equity Partners Acquires WestCom

One Equity Partners (OEP), one of the private equity arms of JP Morgan Chase & Co., has acquired WestCom Corp. (Booth 531), which provides network services to more than 1,200 firms within the financial industry. Earlier this year, WestCom announced it had acquired Radianz Voice Services from Radianz, a Reuters company. This acquisition accelerated WestComs […]

They Say That Merging Up Is Hard To Do

“I think there is a lot of buzz in the industry right now about further consolidation.”- XO CEO Carl Grivner Driven by a frenzy of activity in the wireless industry, the megamergers reminiscent of the dotcom era have resurfaced - but the same cannot be said for competitive wireline providers. Competitors like McLeodUSA Inc. are still grappling […]

OSC to Introduce International Directory Assistance

OSC (Booth 432), a Platinum Equity company, will launch its International Directory Assistance service March 1. International DA will provide OSC’s customers access to listings in most countries throughout the world, including China, France, Japan, South Africa and the United Kingdom. OSC will incorporate the new service into its Directory Assistance suite of products, including […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Agents Cash Out of Telcorp Agent Equity Program

Posted: 5/2003 Agents Cash Out of Telcorp Agent Equity Program By Khali Henderson and Tara Seals In what may be the first equity program payout, agents for switchless reseller Telcorp Ltd. cashed out after the company closed its acquisition by NUI Telecom, the telecom unit of energy company NUI Corp., on April 2. In the […]

Telecom’s Equity Rebound: Will It be Short-lived?

Standard & Poor’s Integrated Telecommunications Services Index outperformed the S&P 500 during the first 10 days of the year, demonstrating optimism for a sector that has been hammered by losses for more than two years.  But Todd Rosenbluth, telecom services equity analyst with S&P, says he does not expect the telecom index to outperform the S&P […]

Carrier Channel: WCG Appoints CEO, Emerges as WilTel

Posted: 12/2002 WCG Appoints CEO, Emerges as WilTel By Josh Long WILLIAMS COMMUNICATIONS GROUP Inc. (WCG) has appointed a new president and CEO after emerging from bankruptcy this fall. It also has a new but familiar name: WilTel Communications Inc. New chief executive Jeffrey K. Storey also will serve on the board of directors. He […]

FiberNet Restructures Finances

FiberNet Telecom Group Inc., a company selling wholesale capacity to communications providers in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, announced Thursday it has completed an agreement to restructure its financial obligations. FiberNet converted $66 million of debt into equity, leaving the company with $33.4 million in debt. The New York-based carrier’s carrier issued 440,000,000 shares […]

Williams Communications Emerges from Bankruptcy

Williams Communications Group Inc., a national carrier selling voice and data services to other communications companies over a 33,000-mile backbone network, today announced it has emerged from bankruptcy with a lot less debt and a new name, WilTel. WilTel emerges with a new $375 million credit facility and no “substantial” debt obligations other than commitments […]

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