Product News

Posted: 05/2000 Product News ECI Telecom’s XDM Reduces Optical Network CostsAt CeBIT 2000, ECI Telecom launched XDM, a revolutionary optical platform. XDM is the first product to integrate within a single shelf the functionality of a DWDM optical networking multiplexer, narrow, wide and broadband Digital Cross-Connects, IP routing, ATM switching and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) […]

Finally, Level 3 Launches IP Voice Service; WholesaleOffer Comes First

Posted: 02/2000 Finally, Level 3 Launches IP Voice Service; Wholesale Offer Comes First BY KHALI HENDERSON Level 3 Communications Inc.’s (www.level3.com) long-awaited announcement that it will offer commercial availability of its (3)Voice service delivered over the carrier’s end-to-end Internet protocol (IP) network came at the end of 1999. Promised as a fall launch, Level 3’s […]

Williams to Deploy Packet Switches for EnhancedWholesale Services

Posted: 02/2000 Williams to Deploy Packet Switches for Enhanced Wholesale Services In an effort to extend its menu of wholesale services to include not only fiber capacity but all enhanced voice and data services, emerging carriers’ carrier Williams Communications Group (www.wilcom.com) agreed to a $20-million purchase of packet telephony switches from Sonus Networks Inc. (www.sonusnet.com). […]

Meshing Voice and Data at the ‘NewEdge’

Posted: 01/2000 Meshing Voice and Data at the ‘New Edge’ Toward Seamless Multiservice Networks By Richard Connaughton The first humanoid who picked up a rock and used it as a tool hardly could have imagined how this simple act ultimately would lead to the tools we take for granted today, from the laptop PC to […]

Business News – PriceInteractive Launches Enhanced TPV Solution

Posted: 09/1999 PriceInteractive Launches Enhanced TPV Solution By Liz Montalbano Despite attempts to curb the unauthorized switching of a customer’s long distance or local carrier–otherwise known as slamming–there still were 20,000 slamming complaints in 1998. To help alleviate this problem, PriceInteractive, a Reston, Va.-based company specializing in interactive voice response (IVR) services, has come up […]

Signs of Intelligence

Posted: 10/1998 Signs of Intelligence Open, Software-centric IN Solutions Help Next-Gen Telcos Bring Enhanced Services to Market Quicker and Cheaper By Khali Henderson As "the" telephone network is redefined to include not only the public switched telephone network (PSTN) but also the Internet, wireless, satellite and corporate networks, so too must be the provision of […]

The Programmable Network

Posted: 05/1998 The Programmable Network Multipurpose Platforms to Populate the Network By Paula Bernier The telephone network with an individual box for each function is fast becoming a thing of the past. The convergence of computers and telephony is ushering in a new paradigm in which a single "box" can easily serve multiple functions–and at […]

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