CRM II: This Time It’s Personal

CRM II: THIS TIME ITS PERSONAL In a world where converging services and networks threaten to overwhelm the OSS systems and the marketing engines of resellers everywhere, one technology has been there to quash the enemies of customer satisfaction …

Ask The Expert

Dear Sir, In your experience, what are the most reliable and trusted Internet marketing methods which would best serve to bring in qualified business leads to our independent communications consultancy? We have direct and reseller contracts with many major vendors, but great services and rates mean little if you can’t get the word out. Like many […]

Sales Seminars – A Fresh Look at Lead Generation

A Fresh Look at Lead Generation Is telemarketing working for you in the age of Do Not Call? If not, there are a wealth of other options. Our experts reveals some innovative approaches to finding new customers. Part One: Savvy Internet Marketing By Craig Salomon Marketing and selling telecom services has never been more difficult […]

E-Channel – Turn Your Web Storefront from Lost to Found

Posted: 12/2001 E-Channel Turn Your Web Storefront from Lost to Found By Fredrick Marckini Fredrick Marckini We all look for information on the Internet, but have you ever tried to find your own company’s web site using a search engine?Give it a try.Conduct a query using a term or phrase specifically related to your business. […]

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