Enabling the Bundle

Reselling service is one thing, but in wireless, it can get messy considering handset configuration, value-added services and content, not to mention the development and support of sales channels. MVNOs and carriers looking to present a whole package for their customers can turn to fulfillment and distribution outsourcer Brightpoint Inc., which has launched Advanced Wireless […]

Networks Unleashed

Communications networks aren’t what they used to be; they are becoming increasingly purpose-built, exploiting a combination of wireless and wireline technologies to carry out specific tasks. Here’s a few we’re watching. In-Building Nets – While the term BLEC earned itself a black eye, its intention of creating a mini-telco within a building was right on the […]

Enabling End-to-End VoIP

The driving force behind VoIP peering will be enterprises. telxs Hunter Newby Despite some technical hurdles still to overcome, the ability of VoIP to drive cost savings and additional functionality for enterprise voice calls is pushing the development of VoIP peering. The goal is to enable VoIP carriers as well as enterprises that have turned […]

MSP: Why Resell When You Can Own?

ConferenceFlow, a division of service provider Powercom, is turning up the heat on conferencing companies by enabling anyone to get into the facilities-based conferencing business with its new managed service. “The ConferenceFlow automated solution provides entrepreneurs with the ability to earn more money than their competitors because there are no technicians to hire or manage […]


Posted: 03/2002 PREPAID PRODUCTS CMG Introduces First Real-Time Prepaid Rating, Charging System CMG Wireless Data Solutions launched in January a real-time product to rate and charge for prepaid messaging, services and content, enabling operators to generate new revenue streams by allowing real-time charging and control of premium prepaid services such as global SMS roaming, enhanced […]

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