Posted: 05/2002 Overheard… … before the Congressional Forum on Technological and Economic Impact of Broadband Deployment Policy and Initiatives…“Even ubiquitous broadband deployment will fall short of competitive, economic, or national security objectives unless people actually adopt broadband technology and use it to work, play, live and learn.”— Rick Ellenberger, Chairman-elect and CEO, Broadwing Inc.ID’em, DanoThe […]

BroadWing Takes Flight — But How High?

Posted: 01/2000 BroadWing Takes Flight — But How High? By Ken Branson "The world’s no longer driven by the big eating the small; it’s now the fast eating the slow," says Rick Ellenberger, president and CEO of BroadWing Inc. Ellenberger believes that BroadWing (www.broadwing.com), the newly launched amalgam of Cincinnati Bell Inc. and IXC Communications […]

Business News – CBI To Buy IXC; Carrier Turns from Wholesale Roots

Posted: 09/1999 CBI To Buy IXC; Carrier Turns from Wholesale Roots By Ken Branson John Zrno, president and CEO of IXC Communications Inc., Austin, Texas, already has begun turning the carrier away from its wholesale business, a process he expects will accelerate when IXC’s $3.2 billion acquisition by Cincinnati Bell Inc. (CBI), Cincinnati, goes through […]

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