Becoming More Than Hype?

By Michael Fair, MarketRace Managed Services. I think that until recently these services were more hype than reality. I am really starting to see an interesting trend that is really starting to take off. There is a blending of hardware providers and service providers emerging around managed services. Customers want one-stop shopping and hardware providers […]

Round Table

… On the challenges facing VoIP service providers from executives attending Internet Telephony Conference & Expo East We all love Vonage because theyre out there promoting VoIP. Its just were not all looking forward to going to zero on the [price point].Greg Welch, GlobalTouch Telecom chairman and CEO Simply making the audio quality better.Mark Fedor, […]

Playing for Profits: Games of Chance vs. Games of Skill

Posted: 6/2003 Playing for Profits: Games of Chance vs. Games of Skill Game Promotions: Playing By the Rules — Part 2 of 3 David O. Klein and Deena B. Burgess So, you have decided that a promotional tie-in would be a good marketing tool for your business. In order to offer the promotional tie-in, you […]

FCC Seeks Rehearing of UNE Remand, Line-Sharing Ruling

The Federal Communications Commission (www.fcc.gov) requested Monday a rehearing of a May 24 appeals court ruling that ordered the agency to review its unbundled network element (UNE) rules and vacated its line-sharing rules. In its petition the FCC notes that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit’s decision is at odds with the […]

ROUND TABLE: … Supreme Court Decision Upholding FCC’s Network Element Pricing Rules

Posted: 07/2002 … Supreme Court Decision Upholding FCC’s Network Element Pricing Rules "Most significantly, the Supreme Court decision considers and rejects the Bell companies’ arguments that the TELRIC standard does not allow them to earn a fair return on their investment. This decision will be enormously useful on Capitol Hill, in other court proceedings and […]


Posted: 04/2002 RESELLER CHANNEL THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UNE Resellers Draw on UNE-P in Local Service Showdown Instead of letting the Bell operating companies beat them at the local game, competitive carriers are shooting for customers by using the unbundled network element platform (UNE-P). VARTEC-LIGHTYEAR MERGER BUST BLAMED ON BANKS What went wrong […]

Wholesale Channel: OSS Advances Preserve Promise of UNE-P

Posted: 1/2002 Wholesale Channel OSS Advances Preserve Promise of UNE-P By Fred Dawson Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) executives who view the unbundled network element platform (UNE-P) as a failed model for competition may soon find it’s harder to make their case. This, in part, is thanks to better UNE-P operational efficiencies and a new […]

Taming the Management Beast

Posted: 08/1999 Taming the Management Beast By Terry Robinson and Mike Marks Successfully integrating the systems that enable network service providers to provision and support their communications services and customers has never been easy–especially since 1984, when divestiture revolutionized the U.S. telecommunications industry. The arrival of long distance competition, of course, paid big dividends to […]

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