Arrow, Ixia Do Distribution Deal

Ixia’s U.S.-based reseller partners can now take advantage of Arrow Electronics’ specialized services and expertise across the product life cycle.

Consumer Reports Goes Mobile

Consumer Reports this week introduced a new mobile platform that lets you access the magazine’s reviews, ratings and reliability studies – while shopping. The service is free to the more than 3.2 million subscribers of ConsumerReports.org. Non-subscribers can sign up for 24-hour or 30-day access for $.99 and $4.99 respectively, which will be charged to […]

Wal-Mart Makes Room for Palm Pre

Wal-Mart is upgrading its electronics departments around the country and making room for the summer’s hottest smartphones, like the Palm Pre. You’ll be seeing changes in 3,500 stores nationwide, as early as today. The company is taking advantage of what it sees as an opening in the industry. Circuit City’s recent doom means that company’s […]

WiMAXimum Exposure

WiMAX has been on the industrys brain lately with the high-profile rollout of the Sprint-Nextel mobile WiMAX network, set to go live at the end of the year. But how will this technology affect CLECs and other service providers? Thats the question todays panel hopes to answer. WiMAX provides hope to competitive carriers looking for […]

Newegg.com Launches Wireless Services, Adds AT&T as Dealer

Newegg.com has launched cellular phone and wireless services and has announced AT&T Inc. as an authorized dealer. Newegg has 6 million registered customers. It is an online e-commerce company that has created a channel for manufacturers of computer hardware and software, consumer electronics and communications products. “This new division brings what will be the best […]

Glitches Don’t Slow iPhone Much

To hear some tell it, the history of man goes something like this: There was fire. Then the wheel. Then metal tools, democracy and penicillin. And now, the next great evolution: the iPhone. iCrazy or iTrue? Well, it finally came and went, the magic moment when Apple stores and AT&T retailers opened their doors Friday […]

iPhone Plan Details Revealed

Cranking up the anticipation for the iPhones June 29 launch, AT&T Inc. and Apple Inc. announced new service details today. There will be three new service plans available just for the iPhone, all of which include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail (which allows consumers to see a listing of their voice mails, decide which to listen […]

Qualcomm Chips Blocked

An adverse patent ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission has banned U.S. imports of new cell phones with Qualcomm Inc. chipsets, sparking an outcry from the wireless operator community. While existing models will be grandfathered in and remain on sale, tens of millions of units of future models such as the Motorola RAZR 2 […]

Ampd Goes Bankrupd

Down but not yet out: After 17 months of fast growth, hipster MVNO Amp’d Mobile filed a petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy late Friday night, blaming a lack of OSS/billing scalability for its troubles. To finance a back-end infrastructure overhaul necessary to maintain operations, the company is expecting to restructure its more than $100 million […]

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