Trading Desk: Why Establish a Bandwidth Trading Desk?

Posted: 11/2000 Why Establish a Bandwidth Trading Desk? A: As telecom companies become more familiar with the "commoditization" of bandwidth, they usually want to know what the implications are, and how they might take advantage of the emerging environment. Adaptation, for some, has meant establishing a "trading desk," or for the more fearful, a "pricing" […]

Business News – BellSouth’s RoboTAG Adds GUI to EDI Gateway

Posted: 06/2000 BellSouth’s RoboTAG Adds GUI to EDI Gateway BY BRUCE CHRISTIAN BellSouth Interconnection Services (www.interconnection.bellsouth.com) has introduced RoboTAG (short for robust TAG), new software that gives resale and facilities-based CLECs the ability to access pre-order information and submit orders through an electronic interface gateway with a GUI.The software also lets CLECs receive and process […]

Local – Western Union Unveils ‘SwiftPay’ Program

Posted: 06/2000 Western Union Unveils ‘SwiftPay’ Program Western Union introduced "SwiftPay" earlier this year to take cash payments for local prepaid service, and the money wire company feels the program has immense potential.When a consumer prepays for monthly service from a SwiftPay enrolled with a LEC, the Western Union (www.westernunion.com) agent initiates an electronic link. […]

Business News – Sprint Improves Wholesale Order Management

Posted: 06/2000 Sprint Improves Wholesale Order Management Sprint Wholesale (www.sprintbiz.com) will expand its portfolio of e-business applications with the release of two new solutions that permit greater customer management and control in order management.The Sprint Wholesale DeskTop Manager III and Sprint Wholesale InfoLink, electronic order management tools, will replace previous order-entry tools utilizing Sprint Mail […]

Best of Both Worlds

Posted: 10/1999 Best of Both Worlds Billing Outsourcers Offer Hybrid Solution for Carriers By Susan Helen Moran Billing vendors are changing their traditional outsourcing offerings and adding electronic billing to the mix to meet carriers’ growing strategic billing requirements, as a new hybrid of outsourced and in-house billing evolves. Driving this evolution are a growing […]

Court Of Appeals Rejects Bell "Bill of Attainder" Claim, FindsAct Constitutional

Posted: 07/1998 Court Of Appeals Rejects Bell "Bill of Attainder" Claim, Finds Act Constitutional By Danny E. Adams, Partner Kelly Drye & Warren LLP On May 15, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit denied a petition for review filed by BellSouth Corp. challenging the constitutionality of Section 274 of the […]

Pushing the Billing Envelope…Aside

Posted: 04/1998 Pushing the Billing Envelope…Aside Internet Invoicing Has Telecom Companies Reconsidering the Paper Chase By Khali Henderson As if Tel-Save’s high-profile, exclusive 9-cent long distance offering through America Online wasn’t enough to compete with, the company is giving its residential and small business converts something they probably never had: an interactive bill, accessible 24 […]

Self-Serve Internet Fill-in Forms Automate Long Distance Service Orders

Posted: 03/1998 By Khali Henderson Tel-Save Holdings Inc. must be the envy of its second-tier long distance carrier peers. The company commenced a month-long test Dec. 31, 1997, joint marketing a 9-cent long distance minute to select subscribers of America Online (AOL), the country’s largest Internet service provider (ISP) with 11 million customers. (If that […]

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