COMPTEL: Attendees Visit COMPTEL PLUS Expo To Do Some Fact-Finding

More than 2,100 telecom executives (and an Elvis impersonator) converged on the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., for this weeks COMPTEL PLUS Convention & Expo. COMPTEL Chairman Sherm Henderson said the turnout, which is expected to grow by several hundred by Tuesday, was, in part, the result of many converging circumstances, such as the wireless […]

Communications Act of 2006?

WHILE THERE IS CONSIDERABLE momentum behind a telecom policy rewrite, it is debatable whether it will be decided this year. 2006, say doubters, will find elections on the tops of politicians priority lists. Others remain optimistic elections will pose no deterrent to new legislation. Executives for USTelecom and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) predict a […]

Not Necessarily News

Posted: 02/2001 Overheard … … during an interview with PHONE+ … "I think there’s going to be a huge amount of business to go around [this year], and that’s the good news. The swift and the courageous and the efficient will be very, very big companies, and people associated with them will be among the […]

Election 2000

Posted: 10/2000 Election 2000 What’s in It for the Telecom Industry? By Kim Sunderland In May, FCC (www.fcc.gov) Commissioner Michael Powell blasted Chairman William E. Kennard and his democratic colleagues over their support of a "new" White House initiative aimed at providing affordable phone service to American Indians living on reservations.Saying he was “sincerely troubled” […]

Regulatory News – Election Year Pressures Create Strife for FCC

Posted:  06/2000 Election Year Pressures Create Strife for FCC By Kim Sunderland FCC members appear to be caught up in election-frenzy politics, and it’s not a pretty sight.Problems surfaced in April, when FCC (www.fcc.gov) Chairman William E. Kennard and Commissioner Gloria Tristani joined President Clinton on the Navajo Reservation in Window Rock, N.M., when he […]

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